5 best hostels in Sofia, Bulgaria

by Alice

When you’re in such an amazing city, you don’t have time to stay in a dingy, run-down hostel. To put the icing on the cake of your stay in Bulgaria’s capital, we want to make sure you’re staying in one of the best hostels in Sofia. Each one has different perks and amenities, so we’re sure you’ll find one that suits you perfectly.

Hostel Mostel

Voted the safest hostel in Sofia, Hostel Mostel offers a comfortable stay with lots of freebies. Not only will you start your morning off right with waffles, chocolate and other tasty treats at the free breakfast buffet, but you’ll also get a second free meal with the free healthy dinner with a glass of beer. If you’re ready for some fun, the staff can organise everything from bungee jumping to caving. Return to the hostel after a great day and relax on the beautiful wooden veranda. One of the best hostels in Sofia for performers, Hostel Mostel offers a free night’s stay when you perform. You can’t ask for more when staying at Hostel Mostel.


Canape Connection

Twins Nadia and Zlaty have created the hostel they always wanted when travelling. Not only is Canape Connection set up for you to have the time of your life in Sofia, but there’s also a coworking space available and they can help you plan events if you have something to celebrate. With over 12 years’ experience as a professional chef, Chef Georgi is happy to offer guests cooking classes. Learn about traditional Balkan spices and foods, how to prepare Bulgarian starters and how to cook a local meal with dessert. With home-made beds and other thoughtful touches, you’ll arrive at Canape Connection as a guest, but leave as family.


Ivory Tower Hostel

One of the best hostels in Sofia for those on a budget, Ivory Tower Hostel is a simple hostel that packs a punch. It’s centrally located for easy access to everything on your itinerary, but it’s also quiet at night so you can rest easy for the next day’s adventures. With only four dormitories, the staff at this small hostel pride themselves on creating a cosy and homely atmosphere. The parquet floors and comfortable beds will make you feel at home even when you’re on the road. Breakfast is served in the morning and the staff are on hand around the clock to answer any questions you may have or to suggest places to visit. For the price and location, it’s hard to beat the Ivory Tower Hostel.


Moreto & Caffeto

Surrounded by a beautiful park, the staff at Moreto & Caffeto want to help you have an authentic stay during your time in Sofia. Expect to be greeted by Hector’s smiling face and remember that this is a family hostel, so they really do have your best interests at heart and look forward to entertaining you whether you’re in the hostel or out exploring. Hire a bike on site to explore the area at your own pace. We highly recommend checking out the mountain views from the park. If you want to stay in, you can enjoy everything from movie nights and game nights to traditional family dinners. For a great stay in even better company, Moreto & Caffeto is the place to be.

Hostel 44

When you see the pink house, you know you’ve come to the right place. Topping the list of the best hostels in Sofia for social butterflies, you’re sure to make friends when you stay at Hostel 44. Staff are always on hand to answer questions and you can often find the off-duty staff having a drink, watching TV or hanging out in the garden, mingling with guests. The terrace is also a great place to relax and make new friends. As well as thoughtful perks like free breakfast and laundry, they have their own little bistro. The staff specialise in booking some really cool day trips at much cheaper rates than most, so be sure to check with them before you head out into the city. If you’re looking to learn and share experiences and travel stories, Hostel 44 is the place to be.



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