Laifen Swift hairdryer review: The best travel hairdryer?

by Alice

With its compact, lightweight design and advanced technology, the Laifen Swift Hair Dryer is perfect for travel and everyday use. The powerful design and high-tech temperature control features will dry your hair super fast, leaving it soft and silky. The innovative dryer is easy to pack, simple to use and super safe for your hair. Gone are the days of smelling burnt hair or having your ends tangled in the back of the dryer head. The unique design and high end technology of the Swift Hair Dryer eliminates all these problems and more.

Laifen designed this premium product to prevent hair damage, make it comfortable and easy to use, and reduce the unpleasant noise emitted by most hairdryers, and we believe they have definitely hit the mark with this incredible high-end product.


Portable and compact

The Laifen Swift Hair Dryer has a powerful motor that is significantly lighter and smaller than a standard model, making it perfect for tucking into your carry-on bag or backpack. Although the dryer is small and the head compact for travel, it still packs a punch with an impressive 1600W of power. Gone are the days of having to choose between an effective hair tool and a travel-friendly one.


The acoustic design of the filter combined with unique noise reduction technology also makes it very quiet compared to typical hairdryers, which is a great feature for anyone sharing an Airbnb or hotel room. Unlike most hairdryers that have the motor in the back of the head, the Laifen Swift has its motor in the handle. This innovative distribution reduces handling weight and keeps your arms and shoulders from getting tired while drying.


Fast drying without damage

The brushless motor spins six times faster than standard models and delivers incredible air pressure, twice that of most other dryers. Innovative air multiplier technology dries hair much faster than a typical hairdryer, reducing heat damage to your hair and saving you time when travelling.

What’s more, the negative ion generator neutralises the motor’s positive charge, eliminating static and frizz while smoothing damaged cuticles. The thermal sensor also regulates the temperature of the airflow to prevent the appliance from overheating and damaging your hair.

Simple design

You can easily control the dryer with two simple buttons. The top button has an off position, a normal speed option and a maximum speed option, while the bottom button controls the temperature.

The temperature button offers three different heat settings and when held down, the dryer automatically alternates between room and maximum temperature. There is also a cool LED ring around the outside of the dryer that changes colour depending on the temperature setting: blue for cool, orange for medium and red for maximum heat.

Attachments and plugs

The dryer comes with a concentrator head that attaches magnetically and is perfect for achieving a salon quality blowout. Laifen also manufactures a diffuser and a narrower concentrator, which you can purchase separately or in a discounted bundle with your dryer.

Laifen also features a lightweight, modern and ergonomic design and comes in three sleek and stylish colours: matte black, silver blue and pearl white. The dryer allows you to choose your plug specifications at checkout depending on your location, with plugs for North America, Europe, UK and Australia. The dual voltage of 110 and 220V makes it safe to use in both the US and Europe, and it shouldn’t blow a fuse wherever you take it.

Life span and maintenance

You can clean the filter by pulling down the magnetic guard on the underside of the handle, wiping the filter with a cloth and snapping the guard back into place. With proper maintenance, the dryer has a lifespan of over 1,000 hours, which should last up to 16 years. This is significantly longer than the average hairdryer lifespan of around 250 hours.

Laifen also offers a 30-day return policy and a two-year warranty, so you really can’t go wrong giving it a try.

Travel Hack

Whether you’re hiking in the mountains or spending the day at the beach, you may find yourself washing your hair more often than usual when you’re travelling. While packing a hairdryer can help you save time getting ready, it can also take up a lot of space and weight in your luggage. Even if you’re staying in an old-fashioned hotel that provides a hairdryer, it’s usually made using very slow and outdated technology.

This is where the Laifen Swift hairdryer comes in. If you’re looking for a high-end hairdryer to take with you on your next trip, you can’t go wrong with this innovative high-speed hairdryer. You may find similar specifications and technology in more expensive models such as the popular Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. However, the Dyson is more than twice the price of the remarkably similar and equally impressive Laifen Swift Hair Dryer, which offers all the same benefits in a slightly smaller design and at a much lower price.



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