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5 best hostels in Bucharest, Romania

by yang

Nicknamed “Little Paris”, Romania’s capital city is in a class of its own. Most people only pass through for a day, but Bucharest deserves at least a few days to really experience all it has to offer. And to ensure you have a first class stay while exploring this underrated city, we have listed the best hostels in Bucharest for you below.

Podstel Bucharest

Podstel Bucharest is all about you. Dan, Sam and Jason have been travelling around since 2012, visiting hostels and talking to others about what would make the best hostel. After visiting over 400 hostels in more than 50 countries, they opened Podstel Bucharest. It’s a perfect combination of comfort and convenience, as it’s only a five-minute walk from Unirii Square, but far enough away that you can still sleep peacefully. As well as hosting events, they also offer workshops, all of which are free! Some of the things you can enjoy are family dinners, open mic nights, cultural performances, photography workshops and travel presentations. There’s a lot more than what’s listed here, so you’ll just have to book a stay here to find out 🙂

Antique Hostel Bucharest

In the heart of the historic city centre you’ll find a beautiful 1895 riverfront house. The owners have turned it into the lovely Antique Hostel Bucharest. Away from the hustle and bustle, but around the corner from some of the best pubs and restaurants in town, the staff look forward to making your stay a relaxing one before you head off to the next party. Movie nights are a staple at Antique Hostel Bucharest if you’re looking to stay in, and the staff can even organise a pub crawl or a Romanian-style barbecue if you’d like. If nightlife is your thing, Antique Hostel Bucharest has a list of the best hostels in Bucharest for you.

The Cozyness Hostel

If you live by the motto “if it’s free, it’s for me”, then Cozyness Hostel is the best of the best hostels in Bucharest. From free popcorn to free bikes and even free food to cook (real food like pasta lol), the staff want to make sure you have the absolute best time possible during your stay. When you return from your daily adventures, you’ll love the social environment of Cozyness Hostel where you’re sure to make new friends. For the pet lovers, there is a cat that loves to be cuddled and meet new people. You’ll love your new home at Cozyness Youth Hostel.

The Midland Hostel

If you want to be treated like an individual and not just a number, head to the Midland Hostel. This 28 bed hostel was opened by three friends who want you to have a great backpacking experience. Centrally located and opposite the French Embassy, it’s easy to get back here after a night out on the town. As well as easy access to the main attractions and public transport, you’re just minutes away from a 24-hour supermarket if you need to grab a snack or whip up a meal. Best of all, you get a clean hostel in a great location with great staff that won’t break the bank. Midland Hostel gives you one more thing to love about the great city of Bucharest.

X Hostel Bucharest

X Hostel Bucharest has a little bit of everything to make your stay in Romania perfect. A great location is a given, but they also have an exceptional staff. Many people take advantage of the pub crawls at night and the staff will be happy to point you in the right direction during the day. There are free walking tours every day and you can also take advantage of other tours such as Transylvania, Dracula’s Castle and more. As well as great drinks, the bar has table tennis, a giant Jenga game, a giant TV and more. Quiet hours are enforced after 11pm, a great perk for those who like to party hard but sleep even harder. X Hostel Bucharest is a premium hostel loved by all who visit, and you’ll be the next 🙂

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