Carle Health’s Travel Clinic in Illinois Aims to Safeguard Tourists’ Health Abroad

by Alice

While traveling to foreign countries can be exhilarating, it also comes with health risks. Carle Health’s travel clinic in Bloomington is dedicated to ensuring tourists stay healthy throughout their journeys abroad.

Amanda Kopsell, a registered nurse at the clinic, emphasized the importance of understanding and mitigating these risks. “You’re exposed to different conditions and potential diseases, and that is where the travel clinic comes in. We can go in and look at the CDC recommendations and help you decide what vaccines are best for you and your situation,” she explained.


Certain countries pose higher health risks than others, according to Kopsell. “If you’re traveling to places like South America or Africa, you have the potential to be exposed to Yellow Fever and Japanese Encephalitis, which are rare but extremely deadly diseases,” she cautioned.


Jennifer Call, owner of Peoria-based Call the Travel Agent, highlighted the importance of vaccinations in regions with low immunization rates. “Populations are so high, and vaccinations are so low, so that is where we’re seeing measles cases coming from,” Call noted.


Moreover, the risk of contracting COVID-19 during travel remains a concern, as acknowledged by the Mayo Clinic. Call, who herself contracted COVID while traveling, emphasized the need to accept this risk as part of the travel experience, akin to catching a cold or the flu.

Kopsell reiterated the significance of appropriate vaccinations for travelers based on their destination and recommended scheduling appointments in advance to ensure adequate preparation. With its focus on preventive care and health education, Carle Health’s travel clinic aims to empower tourists to enjoy safe and healthy journeys abroad.



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