Rockland County Hosts Inaugural Travel Trade Familiarization Tour and Marketplace

by Alice

Pomona, NY – Rockland County’s Economic Development & Tourism Department, in partnership with Alon Tourism Solutions, proudly hosted its first-ever Familiarization Tour and Marketplace (FAM) event on June 3-4, 2024. This landmark event introduced travel trade professionals to a variety of local tourism attractions, including Roundtable Brewery, the Garner Historic District & GARNER Arts Center, the Haverstraw Brick Museum, the Holocaust Museum, Palisades Center, and several others.

Rockland County Executive Ed Day expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “It is always a pleasure to highlight Rockland County’s tourism assets, which will continue to generate a positive economic impact for the County.”


Lucy Redzeposki, Director of Economic Development & Tourism for Rockland County, welcomed the participants, saying, “This event provided travel professionals with a first-hand experience of our county, enabling them to incorporate Rockland into their tour itineraries and paving the way for new business opportunities.”


This exclusive FAM Tour offered Rockland County’s attractions and tourism stakeholders a unique platform to present their offerings to interested travel trade professionals, fostering potential partnerships and business growth.


Jennifer Ackerson, President & CEO of Alon Tourism Solutions, emphasized the economic benefits of tourism, noting, “Tourism growth drives economic impact, revitalizes communities, creates jobs, and grows local businesses. As New York’s third-largest private sector industry, tourism contributes billions annually. Our goal is for Rockland County businesses to capture a significant share of this thriving market.”

The event also featured a Marketplace networking reception, where Rockland County tourism stakeholders showcased their products and services, establishing foundations for long-term collaborations.

Isabelle Mary, owner of MAD Tours & Events, praised the event, stating, “We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the fantastic site visit made possible by Alon and Rockland County. Your hard work ensured we experienced as much as possible in two busy and productive days. Each visit, food and beer tasting, along with interaction with our future tourism and hospitality partners, were truly enjoyed.”



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