Summer Travel Tips: How to Save on Your Next Vacation

by Alice

As summer approaches, Canadians are gearing up for their holidays, looking for ways to make the most of their travel budgets. Despite economic pressures and high costs, a recent Deloitte Canada report found that 77% of Canadians plan to spend more on summer travel this year, with an average expenditure of $2,405 on transportation and lodging for a major trip.

Chadd Andre, executive vice-president of Flight Centre, advises that early booking is key to securing the best deals. “The further out you can book, the better. And when you find something that fits your budget or is a relatively good deal, do not wait,” Andre told Global News. He emphasized that dynamic pricing in the travel industry means prices can change quickly, making it risky to delay a booking.


Travel experts like Andre and Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington, founder of the online magazine Travel & Style, recommend booking flights and accommodations at least two to three months before departure. However, deals can still be found closer to your travel date, depending on the days you book. Weatherhead Harrington suggests avoiding travel on long weekends and during popular events like concerts or festivals, as these times tend to drive up costs.


Traveling midweek and booking early flights can also help save money. Early flights not only tend to be cheaper but offer more flexibility in case of delays, as you have better chances of getting on a subsequent flight.


Staying within Canada and opting for road trips is another cost-saving strategy. Flight Centre has noticed increased demand for domestic travel, and with warmer than usual temperatures expected, a staycation might be appealing. Deloitte Canada’s travel outlook indicates that 74% of Canadians plan to travel within the country this season.

Additionally, it’s crucial to read the fine print on airfare. Basic fares might seem cheap initially, but add-ons like seat selection and baggage fees can significantly increase the total cost. “Suddenly you’ve added two to three hundred dollars onto the ticket price that you thought was so cheap,” said Weatherhead Harrington.

Whether you’re traveling domestically or abroad, leveraging technology and consulting travel agencies can be beneficial. Travel agencies can help find hidden fares and manage complex bookings, such as group vacations. “The world of travel is complex and it’s like an orchestrated symphony for a trip to go off unscathed or without any sort of hitches,” Andre noted. “Having someone by your side to help you navigate any of those bumps in the road is certainly a value that a lot of Canadians still see.”

By planning ahead and using available resources, travelers can optimize their budgets and enjoy a seamless summer vacation.



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