Major U.S. Airlines Announce New Fall Routes to College Towns

by Alice

In anticipation of the fall season and college football excitement, American, Delta, and United Airlines have unveiled special flight schedules to college towns across the United States.

American Airlines has introduced 26 new routes to connect sports fans, families, and alumni with major college football games. Destinations include the University of Alabama, Florida State University, the University of Georgia, the University of Iowa, the University of Kentucky, Louisiana State University (LSU), the University of Michigan, and Ohio State University. Notably, a significant number of these routes will serve South Bend, Indiana, home to the University of Notre Dame. These flights will operate point-to-point, eliminating the need for layovers.


Initially, tickets for these new routes will be exclusively available to American AAdvantage program members using frequent flyer miles until June 17. After this period, tickets will be open to the general public. “Being an AAdvantage member is even more special, as you can use your miles to book early access on popular flights to cheer on your favorite teams this fall,” American stated to Travel + Leisure.


Delta Air Lines has also announced new routes for key college football games, including the LSU vs. USC game in Las Vegas on September 1 and the Florida vs. Texas game on November 9.


United Airlines has added new routes as well, featuring flights for games such as Auburn at LSU on October 14 and Penn State at Ohio State on October 21.

Interest in college football continues to rise, with over 25 million viewers tuning in to this year’s College Football National Championship, making it the most-watched since 2019, according to ESPN.



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