Tumodo and Tabby Join Forces to Transform Business Travel Management in the UAE and Saudi Arabia

by Alice

In a strategic collaboration aimed at revolutionizing corporate travel efficiency, Tumodo, a prominent UAE-based travel technology firm, has partnered with Saudi fintech company Tabby. This partnership introduces advanced travel management solutions, simplifying business travel planning and contributing to sustainable practices in the region.

The alliance harnesses Tumodo’s advanced travel management solutions to streamline Tabby’s HR department’s planning and organization of business trips. This integration enhances visibility, control, and efficiency over travel expenses, addressing the growing demand for sophisticated travel management systems in the corporate sector.


Tumodo’s technology platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline travel logistics, including flight and accommodation bookings, itinerary management, and expense reporting. By integrating these capabilities, Tabby ensures cost-effective business travel operations aligned with digital trends.


This collaboration is a part of broader efforts to digitize the MENA travel market, reflecting the UAE’s commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability. The partnership is poised to enhance operational efficiency for businesses, supporting the UAE’s aspiration to become a leading hub for business and technology in the region.


As companies increasingly prioritize optimizing travel processes, the Tumodo-Tabby alliance exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to meeting these demands. By combining cutting-edge technology with practical travel solutions, this collaboration underscores the significance of digital transformation in driving business success and sustainability.



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