10 Romantic Destinations for Couples in Austria

by Alice

Austria, a land of breathtaking landscapes, historic cities, and cultural riches, offers countless romantic getaways for couples. Whether you’re seeking the tranquility of the countryside, the charm of historic towns, or the elegance of the capital city, Austria has something to offer every pair. Here are ten places worth visiting for couples in Austria, each promising unforgettable experiences and enchanting memories.

1. Vienna: The Heart of Austria

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is a city that effortlessly blends imperial history with modern sophistication. Couples can stroll hand in hand through the historic streets, visit grand palaces like Schönbrunn and the Hofburg, and enjoy the rich musical heritage that the city offers. The city’s coffee houses provide a cozy atmosphere perfect for intimate conversations, while a horse-drawn carriage ride through the historic center offers a timeless romantic experience.


The Danube River, which flows through Vienna, offers a beautiful setting for a romantic boat ride. In the evening, couples can attend a classical music concert or an opera at the famous Vienna State Opera. The city’s vibrant nightlife, with its elegant bars and clubs, ensures that the romance continues well into the night.


2. Salzburg: A Symphony of Romance

Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart, is one of Austria’s most romantic cities. Nestled amidst the Alps and known for its baroque architecture, Salzburg offers couples a picturesque backdrop for their love story. The Mirabell Palace and Gardens, where scenes from “The Sound of Music” were filmed, are perfect for a romantic stroll.


Couples can explore the historic Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its narrow, winding streets and beautifully preserved medieval buildings. A visit to Hohensalzburg Fortress, perched high above the city, provides stunning views of Salzburg and the surrounding countryside. For a unique experience, take a boat ride on the Salzach River or enjoy a concert in one of the many historic venues.

3. Hallstatt: Austria’s Hidden Gem

Hallstatt, often described as the most beautiful village in Austria, is a must-visit for couples seeking a tranquil escape. Situated on the shores of Lake Hallstatt and surrounded by the Dachstein Alps, this idyllic village offers a serene and romantic setting. Couples can wander through the charming streets, visit the historic Hallstatt Church, and explore the ancient salt mines that have shaped the region’s history.

A boat ride on Lake Hallstatt is a highlight, providing breathtaking views of the village and its alpine surroundings. For those who enjoy hiking, the nearby Dachstein Krippenstein offers stunning trails and panoramic views. In winter, the snow-covered landscape transforms Hallstatt into a fairytale-like destination.

4. Innsbruck: The Jewel of the Alps

Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, is a city that combines alpine beauty with cultural richness, making it an ideal destination for couples. Nestled in the heart of the Austrian Alps, Innsbruck offers stunning mountain scenery, charming old town streets, and a vibrant cultural scene. The Golden Roof, a landmark building in the Old Town, is a great starting point for exploring the city.

For a truly romantic experience, couples can take a cable car ride up to the Nordkette mountain range, where they can enjoy breathtaking views and cozy mountain huts. In winter, Innsbruck transforms into a winter sports paradise, with skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating opportunities. The city also hosts a beautiful Christmas market, adding a festive and romantic atmosphere during the holiday season.

5. Wachau Valley: Austria’s Wine Country

The Wachau Valley, located along the Danube River, is one of Austria’s premier wine regions and a perfect destination for couples. Known for its picturesque vineyards, charming villages, and historic castles, the Wachau Valley offers a romantic escape into the heart of Austria’s countryside. Couples can enjoy wine tastings at local wineries, explore medieval towns like Dürnstein and Melk, and take scenic bike rides along the Danube.

A highlight of the Wachau Valley is a visit to the Melk Abbey, a magnificent baroque monastery with stunning views of the river and surrounding vineyards. A boat cruise on the Danube River is another romantic way to experience the beauty of the region, especially during sunset.

6. Zell am See: Lakeside Romance

Zell am See, located in the Salzburg region of Austria, is a picturesque lakeside town that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and outdoor activities. The town is situated on the shores of Lake Zell, with the majestic peaks of the Hohe Tauern range providing a stunning backdrop. Couples can enjoy leisurely walks along the lake, take boat rides, and relax on the lakeside beaches.

In winter, Zell am See transforms into a winter wonderland, with excellent skiing and snowboarding opportunities in the nearby Schmittenhöhe and Kitzsteinhorn resorts. The town also offers romantic horse-drawn sleigh rides and cozy alpine lodges, perfect for warming up with a hot drink after a day in the snow.

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7. Graz: Austria’s Culinary Capital

Graz, Austria’s second-largest city, is known for its vibrant culinary scene, making it an excellent destination for food-loving couples. The city’s historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is characterized by its Renaissance and baroque architecture, charming squares, and narrow streets. Couples can explore the picturesque streets, visit the stunning Graz Cathedral, and enjoy panoramic views from the Schlossberg hill.

Graz is renowned for its farmers’ markets and gourmet restaurants, where couples can indulge in local specialties and international cuisine. The city’s coffee houses and wine bars provide a cozy atmosphere for intimate conversations. In summer, the numerous parks and gardens offer a green oasis for relaxation and picnics.

8. St. Wolfgang: A Fairy Tale by the Lake

St. Wolfgang, located on the shores of Lake Wolfgang in the Salzkammergut region, is a charming village that offers a fairy-tale setting for couples. The village is known for its picturesque lake views, historic buildings, and the iconic White Horse Inn (Weisses Rössl). Couples can enjoy boat rides on the lake, explore the charming streets, and visit the pilgrimage church of St. Wolfgang, which offers stunning views of the lake and mountains.

For a unique experience, take the Schafberg Railway, a cogwheel train that ascends to the summit of Schafberg Mountain. The panoramic views from the top are breathtaking and provide a perfect setting for romantic moments. In winter, the village is beautifully decorated for Christmas, with a festive market and ice skating on the lake.

9. Kitzbühel: Glamour and Adventure

Kitzbühel, one of Austria’s most famous ski resorts, offers a blend of glamour and adventure that is perfect for couples. Known for its luxurious hotels, fine dining, and world-class skiing, Kitzbühel attracts visitors from around the world. Couples can hit the slopes during the day and enjoy the vibrant après-ski scene in the evening.

In addition to skiing, Kitzbühel offers numerous outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, and golfing. The picturesque town center, with its medieval buildings and cobblestone streets, provides a romantic setting for leisurely strolls. In summer, the surrounding mountains and lakes offer a beautiful backdrop for outdoor adventures and relaxation.

10. Bad Gastein: Spa and Wellness Retreat

Bad Gastein, a historic spa town in the Gastein Valley, is renowned for its healing thermal waters and stunning alpine scenery. This picturesque town offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure for couples. The thermal spas, such as the Felsentherme and Alpentherme, provide a rejuvenating experience with their mineral-rich waters and wellness treatments.

Couples can also explore the town’s charming streets, visit the iconic Gastein Waterfall, and take scenic hikes in the surrounding Hohe Tauern National Park. In winter, Bad Gastein offers excellent skiing and snowboarding opportunities, as well as romantic horse-drawn sleigh rides. The town’s historic Belle Époque architecture adds to its charm and provides a unique backdrop for a romantic getaway.


Austria, with its diverse landscapes, historic cities, and romantic settings, offers countless opportunities for couples to create lasting memories. From the cultural riches of Vienna and Salzburg to the tranquil beauty of Hallstatt and Zell am See, Austria has something to offer every pair. Whether you’re seeking adventure in the Alps, relaxation in a spa town, or a culinary journey in Graz, Austria’s romantic destinations are sure to captivate your heart and soul. So pack your bags and embark on a romantic adventure in Austria, where every moment is filled with charm and enchantment.



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