Hong Kong Airlines Demonstrates Strong Demand for Travel in China, says Saipan Chamber of Commerce

by Alice

In a recent meeting held by the Saipan Chamber of Commerce, director Alex Sablan highlighted Hong Kong Airlines as evidence of pent-up demand for travel in China, surpassing United Airlines’ Japan flights in attracting tourists to Saipan.

The meeting, hosted at the Kensington Hotel Saipan, discussed the significance of “Operation 500K,” a strategic initiative aimed at bringing in a minimum of 500,000 visitors to sustain the CNMI’s economy.


Sablan emphasized the role of Hong Kong Airlines in demonstrating the demand for travel from China, noting that Chinese tourists are even willing to transit through Korea. He pointed out that the number of Chinese tourists arriving via Hong Kong Airlines exceeds those from United Airlines’ Japan flights.


Furthermore, Sablan highlighted the advantage of the CNMI’s Economic Vitality & Security Travel Authorization Program (EVS-TAP), making it easier for Chinese tourists to visit compared to the continental United States.


Joshua Wise, vice president of the Chamber, highlighted the tourism crisis facing the CNMI. He pointed out a significant decline in arrivals and hotel occupancy, attributing it to reduced flight availability.

To address these challenges and reach the target of 500,000 arrivals, Wise outlined “Operation 500K,” a joint effort by the Chamber and the Hotel Association of the NMI.

With current flight conditions unable to meet the required number of arrivals, Wise emphasized the need for stability and proactive measures to revitalize the CNMI’s tourism industry.



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