Coastal Mississippi Celebrates National Travel and Tourism Week

by Alice

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) — Nearly 25 million travelers visit Mississippi annually, contributing significantly to the state’s economy. In 2022, tourism generated over $7 billion statewide, with Coastal Mississippi accounting for approximately $2.7 billion, or about 30% of the state’s tourism revenue.

“Visitors import new dollars that you don’t get otherwise, which makes a significant difference for local economies. It generates $7.9 million in tax revenue,” said Judy Young, CEO of Coastal Mississippi.


During National Travel and Tourism Week, Coastal Mississippi will showcase various tourist attractions. “Every day, we’ll highlight a different type of visitation through our state co-op,” Young explained. “One day will focus on sports tourism, another on fishing and outdoor eco-tourism, Ship Island, the Aquarium, and the IMMS. Another day will again focus on sports tourism.”


In 2022, nearly 28,000 people were employed in tourism-related jobs. While figures for 2023-2024 are not yet finalized, Young is optimistic about the growth trajectory. “There are quite a few new hotel properties, which we didn’t expect to see until 2025. We are ahead of the curve with developments in Pascagoula and the Pass Christian and Bay St. Louis areas,” she said. Young also mentioned the upcoming agricultural center in Hancock County.


Young’s overarching message is clear: “Tourism works for you.”

For more information on National Travel and Tourism Week, visit Coastal Mississippi’s website.



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