Traveloka and Cebu Pacific Partner to Boost Philippine Tourism

by Alice

Traveloka has joined forces with Filipino low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific (CEB) to attract more Thai and Southeast Asian tourists to the Philippines. This partnership involves integrating an application programming interface (API) that enables travelers to book CEB flights directly through the Traveloka app.

This collaboration aims to enhance Philippine tourism by simplifying travel for Thai and Southeast Asian visitors. The integration offers additional flight choices and special deals, making it easier to explore the country’s diverse destinations and tourist attractions.


Traveloka has reported a fivefold increase in bookings for Cebu Pacific flights from Southeast Asian countries compared to the previous year. The top six nationalities traveling to the Philippines via Cebu Pacific, based on flight data, include tourists from Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia.


“We are delighted to collaborate with Traveloka to support the local tourism industry and make traveling to the Philippines much easier,” said Xander Lao, president and chief commercial officer of Cebu Pacific.


Traveloka’s CEO of transport, Iko Putera, added: “Our partnership with Cebu Pacific will provide diverse possibilities for travelers and spearhead innovation to deliver optimal solutions for customers. We will also contribute to growth within the tourism industry in the Philippines and the wider region.”

This strategic partnership is expected to significantly boost tourism in the Philippines by offering seamless travel solutions and promoting the country as a prime destination for Southeast Asian tourists.



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