Lotte Card and HTS Collaborate to Launch Exclusive Travel Portal for Korean Travelers

by Alice

Lotte Card and Hopper’s B2B division, HTS, have partnered to create a dedicated travel portal integrated into the ‘Digi-LOCA’ app, offering a comprehensive range of travel booking options, including flights, accommodations, and car rentals.

This collaboration aims to leverage HTS’s advanced travel technology to provide a personalized travel experience for Lotte Card users, aligning with Lotte Card’s strategy to enhance customer value and expand its digital services.


“The partnership between HTS and Lotte Card is perfectly suited to create a curated and highly personalized travel offering for their millions of cardholders,” said Dakota Smith, CEO of HTS. “HTS’s leading travel technology will enable Lotte Card to create synergies with its existing verticals and offerings.”


HTS specializes in optimizing direct channels for travel brands by utilizing its travel and fintech solutions. Currently, HTS represents two-thirds of Hopper’s business and reaches millions of travelers globally.


Lotte Card, founded in 2002, is a prominent Korean credit card company with an extensive distribution and service network, catering to 9.35 million credit cardholders and approximately 3.13 million affiliated merchants. The company focuses on enhancing customer value through lifestyle financial services, offering benefits usable at department stores, hypermarkets, home shopping, cinemas, and coffee shops.

James Cho, CEO of Lotte Card, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “I’m very excited to have a partnership with HTS, which has experience in providing global travel services and various fintech-based ancillaries. Through solid collaboration, we’re going to create a digital platform that gives customers optimal travel experiences and maximizes the enjoyment of travel.”



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