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What a $5,000 personal wine locker gets you at one of NYC’s newest and most celeb-loved restaurants

by Alice

Sartiano’s, the chic and celebrity-loved restaurant nestled within the Mercer Hotel in Manhattan’s vibrant Soho district, has added a distinctive touch for wine enthusiasts seeking a personalized dining experience.

The establishment, gaining popularity on foodie-centric platforms like TikTok since its summer debut, now offers patrons the opportunity to secure their own meticulously curated wine locker. Overseen by the adept guidance of the restaurant’s wine director, Cameron Nadler, this exclusive program allows guests to craft and savor their wine collection while relishing a delightful evening on the town. Members with a wine locker gain direct access to Nadler’s expertise, benefiting from reduced pricing on select bottles and privileged entry to an array of rare and sought-after wines, including esteemed vintages such as the 2005 Masseto Toscana, 2009 Antinori “Solaia” Toscana, Quintessa 2012, DRC Corton-Charlemagne 2020, and Gaja Darmagi 1995.


Describing the uniqueness of the wine locker initiative, “Our wine locker program stands as a distinctive offering within the realm of wine experiences, as it allows for wine lovers to enjoy wine from our collection and their personal cellar, as well as countless Châteaus and wineries not currently on the Sartiano’s wine list.” He further emphasized the privileges enjoyed by program members, including the meticulous sourcing, storage, and service of their preferred wines.

The cost of this exclusive offering is set at $5,000 per year, inclusive of a generous $2,500 credit to be utilized towards wine selections. Additional perks include a waived or reduced corkage fee and VIP reservation access to both the restaurant and the recently reopened SubMercer lounge within the hotel.

Ensuring optimal wine storage conditions, all lockers are maintained at a cellar temperature of 57-60 degrees Fahrenheit, with the flexibility to have bottles specially chilled upon request before lunch or dinner reservations.

Sartiano’s has swiftly become a coveted destination, benefiting from its prime location beneath the iconic Mercer Hotel. The restaurant’s star-studded guest list has included notable names such as Paul McCartney, Martha Stewart, and Margot Robbie. Spearheaded by a dream team featuring lifestyle architect Scott Sartiano, three-time James Beard Award-winning Chef Alfred Portale as Culinary Director, and Augustine’s Chris Lewnes as Executive Chef, the menu boasts standout offerings like meatballs, Calvisius Ossetra cannoli with whipped mascarpone and chive, and the acclaimed umami martini accompanied by black truffle caviar.

For those interested in acquiring a wine locker and indulging in this exclusive experience, prospective patrons are encouraged to reach out to the restaurant directly for further details.



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