7 things to know about World Nomads travel insurance

by Alice

Designed by travellers for travellers, World Nomads Travel Insurance covers over 150 activities as well as medical emergencies, lost luggage, trip cancellation and more. Here are some things to know about World Nomads Travel Insurance:

1. Internationally recognised underwriters

World Nomads is backed by a range of specialist travel insurers who provide 24/7 emergency assistance, customer service and claims support.


2. 24/7 Emergency Assistance

Should you require medical assistance or emergency medical evacuation, World Nomads’ multi-lingual team is available 24/7 to arrange medical treatment and transport during your trip.


3. Buy and claim on the road

Change of plans? You can extend your cover or make a claim online at any time during your trip. You can even buy a World Nomads policy while you’re travelling.


4. Adventure Activities Cover

Designed by travellers for travellers, World Nomads covers over 150 adventure sports and activities so you can push your limits.

5. Travel safety tips and alerts

World Nomads provides useful and up-to-date travel insurance information and global travel safety advice to help you plan your trip and manage risks.

6. Donate and make a difference

When you purchase travel insurance with World Nomads, you can make a micro-donation to a community development project to help change lives in the destinations that need it most.

7. Travel content to help inspire, educate and plan your trip

Plan your trip with free destination guides, develop your travel storytelling skills and learn how to be a more responsible traveller with World Nomads as your travel companion.



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