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3 top things to do in Cape Town, South Africa

by yang

Table Mountain – Enjoy the view

One of the best things to do in Cape Town to get a feel for the city is to take a trip to the top of Table Mountain. You can do a two-hour hike or take the more comfortable Table Mountain cable car to the top. Fair warning – it is windy at the top! And even if you’re not worried about blowing out your hair, be aware that the cable car closes when the wind picks up. I was lucky enough to make it back down before they closed it for the day. One of the things I did not expect from Table Mountain was how much of a feature it is in Cape Town. You can see it from everywhere in the city and you can also see when the clouds are rolling in. If you see it is a clear day, don’t hesitate, get ready to go to the top for a spectacular view.

Robben Island – learn more about South Africa’s history

A trip to Robben Island is a must. Tours are given by former prisoners and you’ll hear their stories as you walk around the island and the prison itself. You can visit Nelson Mandela’s cell where he spent 20 years. There was so much history here that I had not heard of before and I was surprised at how quickly time passed.

Boulder’s Beach – Visit the penguins

Boulder’s Beach is home to a colony of African penguins. They have built a series of boardwalks through the area that allow you to get within a few feet of the penguins and their nesting area. They are the only penguins on the African continent to be found just outside Simon’s Town.

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