AAA Reports Decrease in Gas Prices Just in Time for Summer Road Trips

by Alice

As summer road trip season kicks off, motorists across the United States can expect a pleasant surprise at the pump, as gas prices have been on a downward trend, according to AAA.

Recent data from AAA reveals a notable decline in gas prices, with last week witnessing the largest weekly drop of the year. The national average for gas stands at $3.48 per gallon, marking a significant decrease. Furthermore, Monday saw prices dipping even lower to $3.45 per gallon.


Andrew Gross, a spokesperson for AAA, noted the sustained decrease in pump prices, stating, “This drop in pump prices appears to have some sticking power for now. More states should see their averages dip below $3 a gallon in the coming weeks.”


While some states enjoy notably lower prices at the pump, such as Mississippi, where gas averages $2.94 per gallon, others face higher costs. California leads with the highest prices nationwide, with an average gallon priced at $4.93, followed by Hawaii and Washington.


In the Northeast, New Hampshire emerges as the most affordable state for fuel, with gas averaging $3.38 per gallon, contrasting with Pennsylvania’s $3.67 per gallon, the highest in the region.

With lower gas prices encouraging summer travel, motorists have a plethora of scenic routes to explore. From Maui’s breathtaking road to Hana to Florida’s picturesque U.S. 1 leading to Key West, there are endless possibilities for memorable journeys.

For those wary of fluctuating gas prices, exploring in an electric vehicle offers a viable alternative. Travelers can even opt to rent an electric vehicle for a trial run before making a purchase commitment.



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