Spirit Airlines Updates Checked Bag Policy and Extends Travel Voucher Validity

by Alice

Spirit Airlines has increased its checked baggage weight limit and extended the validity of travel vouchers in a move aimed at enhancing customer flexibility.

Travelers can now check bags weighing up to 50 pounds, an increase from the previous 40-pound limit, the airline shared with Travel + Leisure. Despite this change, fees for both carry-on and checked luggage remain in place.


Additionally, the validity of future travel vouchers has been extended to 12 months, up from the previous 90-day period. This new policy applies to vouchers issued on or after June 3.


“Spirit has changed the game before and we’re doing it again with this first round of initiatives that will lead the way to a new era of low-fare, high-value flying,” said Matt Klein, the executive vice president and chief commercial officer of Spirit Airlines. “These enhancements provide each and every one of our guests unparalleled flexibility and peace of mind, and it’s just the beginning of our pursuit to make affordable travel easier and more seamless than ever.”


These updates follow Spirit’s recent elimination of change and cancellation fees, which previously cost up to $119. Now, passengers only need to pay the fare difference if the new flight is more expensive or receive a credit if it is less.

As an ultra-low-cost airline, Spirit charges for most onboard extras, including baggage and seat selection. However, members of the airline’s Saver$ Club can receive discounts on these services.

The policy changes come as Spirit prepares to launch new routes to popular summer destinations, including Boston, Portland, Ore., and Salt Lake City. Additionally, the airline has added flights to San Juan, Puerto Rico, from cities such as Houston and New Orleans.



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