JTB Corporation Launches Campaign to Boost Outbound Travel

by Alice

Japan’s largest travel agency, JTB Corporation, is set to encourage more outbound travel this summer through a series of financial incentives and advertising promotions. This campaign aims to attract both experienced travelers and newcomers to international travel, addressing the sluggish recovery of Japan’s outbound travel market post-COVID-19.

In April 2024, the number of Japanese travelers going overseas totaled 888,800, a notable increase from 560,200 the previous year. However, this figure is still 46.7% lower than in April 2019, as reported by the Japan National Tourism Organization. The first quarter of 2024 saw 3.01 million outbound travelers, compared to 4.92 million during the same period in 2019, highlighting a slower-than-expected rebound.


JTB’s summer travel campaign offers several perks for eligible travelers departing on JTB overseas tours between July 1 and September 30. These include financial support for passport acquisition, complimentary breakfast at select hotels in Hawaii, and free overseas Wi-Fi rental with unlimited data in destinations such as Hawaii, Guam, Australia, Singapore, Bali, and Taiwan.


To further engage potential travelers, JTB has launched a series of live broadcasts providing seasonal travel information and tips about various destinations. Viewers can interact in real-time or watch archived programs, enhancing their travel planning experience.


“The broadcasts will convey the joys and attractions of traveling overseas,” JTB stated in a company note.

Additionally, new television commercials featuring popular actress and singer Nao Matsushita will showcase the scenic beauty and cuisine of Singapore, Hawaii, and parts of Europe to inspire and attract consumers.

Despite the slow recovery, a study by Mitsubishi Research Institute suggests that approximately 23 million Japanese, out of a population of 125.7 million, could be expected to travel overseas in the near future. Toshiya Miyazaki, a member of the institute’s policy team involved in the research, expressed optimism about the potential for increased outbound travel.



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