“LOTTE Rent-a-Car Employees Recommend Jeju Island as a Premier Domestic Travel Destination”

by Alice

LOTTE Rent-a-Car, renowned for its extensive nationwide sales network, has launched the ‘LOTTE Rental-Road’ project, highlighting Jeju Island as the second stop on its journey to showcase Korea’s captivating tourist destinations. The initiative, a collaborative effort between LOTTE Rent-a-Car and its local employees, aims to unveil scenic travel routes and culinary delights that can be savored with the convenience of a rental car.

Jeju Island, often dubbed the ‘Hawaii of Korea,’ is the chosen focal point for its remarkable natural beauty and cultural allure. Situated as the southernmost island in Korea, Jeju boasts a landscape shaped by volcanic activity and is a magnet for both domestic and international travelers. As a testament to its popularity, Jeju Island welcomes numerous visitors annually, drawn by its picturesque scenery, delectable cuisine, and diverse attractions.


The resurgence of foreign tourism to Jeju is evident, with the number of international visitors rebounding to pre-COVID-19 levels. Simplified entry procedures, including a visa-free system allowing a 30-day stay, coupled with extensive exposure through Korean content, have contributed to this surge. As of April 3, 2024, foreign tourist arrivals to Jeju have skyrocketed by 525.7% compared to the previous year, with China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan leading the influx.


LOTTE Rent-a-Car’s presence on Jeju Island has witnessed a notable increase in foreign clientele, with one out of five customers at LOTTE Rent-a-Car Jeju Auto House being international visitors. Recognizing this trend, the company has recently launched Chinese and Japanese websites, ensuring seamless rental services for customers in their native languages.


To enhance the travel experience on Jeju Island, LOTTE Rent-a-Car Jeju Auto House has curated enticing tour courses divided into western and eastern regions. From exploring the lush O’sulloc tea museum and ascending the iconic Geum Parasitic Cone to savoring the vibrant hydrangeas at Camellia Hill, each itinerary promises an unforgettable journey through Jeju’s summer charm.

For culinary enthusiasts, the recommended eateries feature a diverse array of Jeju’s local delicacies, including octopus bibimbap, tender boiled pork, and boneless braised cutlassfish. Additionally, the handpicked cafes offer delectable treats such as laffe sandwiches and artisanal gelato, perfect for indulging in after a day of exploration.

Detailed information about Jeju’s attractions and dining establishments, personally recommended by LOTTE Rent-a-Car employees, can be accessed through the company’s social media channels. Moreover, to incentivize eco-friendly travel, all LOTTE Rent-a-Car branches are offering complimentary charging services for foreign customers renting electric vehicles.

LOTTE Rent-a-Car remains committed to elevating customer satisfaction by providing unparalleled services at domestic tourist destinations across Korea. With upcoming unveilings in June, September, and December, the company invites travelers to embark on unforgettable journeys, guided by the expertise of its dedicated team.



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