“Delta Airlines Recognizes Finchglow Travel as Outstanding Customer for 2023”

by Alice

In an acknowledgment of exceptional performance, Delta Airlines has named Finchglow Travel as its top customer for the year 2023.

The prestigious award was presented to Finchglow Travel during a ceremony held in Lagos, attended by key executives from both Delta Airlines and Finchglow Travels.


Temilade Adu, spokesperson for Finchglow Travel, emphasized the significance of the recognition, stating that it underscores the travel agency’s outstanding sales achievements and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional travel solutions to its clients.


Finchglow Travels has previously been honored as British Airways’ top-performing agency in 2023, received the Delta Airlines Platinum Agent for Excellence award in 2022, and was recognized by Rwand Air for support and outstanding performance in the same year. Additionally, the agency received appreciation and special recognition from Royal Air Maroc in 2022.


Ezekiel Ikotun, Group Managing Director of Finchglow Holdings, expressed gratitude to Delta Airlines for the award, describing it as a significant milestone for the travel company. He highlighted the agency’s strategic efforts in the travel industry and its ability to drive substantial sales growth.

Manoj Kuriakose, General Manager of Sales for Middle East, Africa, and India at Delta Airlines, commended Finchglow Travels for its performance and the value it has added to the airline. He emphasized the agency’s dedication to excellence and its strong partnership with Delta Airlines.

The recognition from Delta Airlines reaffirms Finchglow Travel’s position as a leader in the travel industry and serves as motivation for the agency to continue delivering top-notch services to its clients.



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