Instagram Introduces Enhanced Note Feature, Perfect for Travel Planning

by Alice

Instagram, renowned for its wealth of travel inspiration, now offers an upgraded Notes feature, enhancing the travel planning experience for its users.

In an announcement shared with Travel + Leisure, Meta, Instagram’s parent company, revealed the introduction of Notes Prompts, allowing users to solicit travel recommendations and more from friends directly within the app.


Ashley Alexander, Head of Product Management at Instagram, expressed excitement about the launch, stating, “Today, we’re excited to launch Notes Prompts, which makes it easy for the Instagram community to ask friends for recommendations and connect over them. With summer travel season here, Notes prompts are the perfect way to source ideas from friends on hotels, restaurants, and activities when planning a trip.”


Travelers can leverage this feature for various trip planning needs, from gathering summer travel recommendations to seeking advice on honeymoon destinations or discovering activities in specific destinations. Moreover, users can crowdsource suggestions on travel essentials such as luggage, headphones, and gear.


In addition to posting questions using Notes Prompts, users can now react swiftly to friends’ notes with likes through Notes Likes. To express appreciation for a note, users can simply double-tap or click the heart icon. Furthermore, Notes @ Mentions enable users to tag friends directly, enhancing communication within the platform.

Beyond travel planning, the updated Notes Prompts feature also fosters engaging discussions among friends on contentious topics. Users can spark debates on issues like airplane etiquette, including whether it’s acceptable to remove shoes during a flight, how many pairs of underwear are deemed appropriate for vacation packing, or the etiquette of reclining seats on planes.

Instagram’s revamped Notes feature provides a multifaceted platform for travel enthusiasts to collaborate, share recommendations, and engage in lively discussions, making it an indispensable tool for travel planners worldwide.



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