Eiffel Tower Ticket Prices to Increase Next Month

by Alice

Starting June 17, ticket prices for climbing the Eiffel Tower will rise, whether by elevator or stairs, French network BFMTV reported.

An adult ticket with elevator access to the summit will cost €35.30 ($38.40), up from €29.40 ($31.98). Elevator access to the second floor for adults will increase from €18.80 ($20.45) to €22.60 ($24.58). Stair access tickets will rise from €11.80 ($12.84) to €14.20 ($15.45). Tickets for children under four years old will remain free.


The exact date for when tickets at the new rates will go on sale has not been specified, but the tower indicated that tickets for visits from June 17 will “go on sale later than usual.”


The price hike is attributed to a significant drop in visitors between 2020 and 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Eiffel Tower, a major Parisian landmark, typically attracts nearly 7 million visitors annually, with around 75% being international tourists. However, in 2020, it received only 1.5 million visitors, leading to a financial loss of €113 million ($1.23 million) over two years.


The increased prices come as Paris gears up to host the Summer Olympics. The Eiffel Tower will remain open during the Games but will close for the opening ceremony on July 26, which will take place along the Seine and conclude at Trocadéro, across the river from the tower, according to the official Paris Games website.



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