Major Construction Projects to Transform Great Basin National Park This Summer

by Alice

Great Basin National Park, renowned for its hiking, cave exploration, and fishing, will undergo significant upgrades this summer, prompting park officials to advise visitors to plan accordingly.

Located in White Pine County, Nevada, the park will manage five major construction projects throughout the summer, according to the National Park Service (NPS).


“I am excited to see such a significant investment in the park’s vital infrastructure, but I recognize that many visitors will be affected by the work going on this summer. I ask everyone to have patience and understanding as we strive today to improve the visitor experience at Great Basin for generations to come,” said Great Basin National Park Superintendent Ashley Adams.


Updated project timelines are available on the park’s ‘Alerts In Effect / Current Projects’ page. Key areas, including the amphitheater, Visitor Center parking, and picnic area, will be closed towards the end of summer. Additionally, evening astronomy programs will be relocated.


Upon completion of the projects, visitors will benefit from expanded campgrounds, new trailheads, road improvements, and upgraded facilities.

Great Basin is also home to Lehman Caves, the longest cave system in Nevada. Tours of the caves can be booked on, with rates starting at $15 for adults. With an average temperature of 50°F, the caves offer a refreshing escape from the summer heat. Due to the construction, travelers are encouraged to plan ahead and book tickets early.

In 2023, Great Basin National Park welcomed over 143,200 visitors.



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