Finland’s Digital Travel Credential Pilot Shows Promising Results

by Alice

Finland’s trial of a Digital Travel Credential (DTC) for Finnair passengers has yielded positive outcomes, with significant user satisfaction and operational efficiency. The pilot, which began in August of last year, saw 91% of participants finding the DTC setup easy, 96% reporting ease in sending their DTC to travel and border authorities, and 90% indicating they would use it again for future travel.

The DTC system involves passengers looking at a camera and placing their passport on a designated reader device, which matches their biometric and passport information to pre-registered digital credentials. Initially limited, the pilot expanded in January to include departures and arrivals via 22 Finnair destinations, allowing more passengers to experience its benefits.


The collaborative project involved TECH5, a biometric technology company, and Auctorizium, a Singapore-based firm specializing in ePassport Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and validation services. Together with Finnair, Finavia, and the Finnish police, they developed the DTC system. The project received funding from the European Commission, highlighting its importance and potential impact on future EU regulations.


The DTC technology utilizes a mobile app, enabling travelers to create their digital credentials by taking a selfie and uploading a passport photo. TECH5’s AI algorithms support the app’s facial recognition capabilities, verifying users’ identities and facilitating the creation of DTCs on their smartphones. Auctorizium’s expertise in PKI ensures the security and accuracy of the identification process through encrypted biometric data.


By the end of March, the Finnish Border Guard concluded the pilot, reporting substantial success. Out of 466 volunteers, 355 successfully processed DTC border checks, each taking an average of just eight seconds.

Despite some technical issues, the benefits to passengers and improved processing times signal promising advancements as European authorities continue to explore digital and mobile-based identity technologies.



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