Signature Travel Network Concludes Horizon Club Trip to South Africa

by Alice

Signature Travel Network recently wrapped up its Horizon Club trip to South Africa, an exclusive event from May 7-13 recognizing its top-performing member agencies. Partnering with African Travel, the trip showcased South Africa’s finest offerings while highlighting responsible tourism and community engagement.

“Our Horizon Club was one for the ages,” said Alex Sharpe, president and CEO of Signature Travel Network. “Not only did we get to recognize and celebrate our biggest members, but Africa is a life-changing destination and a critical piece of our portfolio. Bringing our top 50 members together gives everyone a chance to network and share best practices, which is Signature’s ‘super-power.’ Certainly, it was a trip we will always remember.”


The curated itinerary, designed by African Travel, included stays at the Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa in Cape Town, a day in the Cape Winelands, and time at Kapama Private Game Reserve.


A highlight was engaging with two 2024 Travel Elevates grant recipients based in South Africa: Uthando and Education Africa. The group visited the Amy Foundation in Cape Town. Additionally, Signature Travel Network and African Travel donated $8,000 to help Isibane se Afrika, a project supported by Uthando, purchase a bus to expand their reach and better serve the community.


The trip also supported Uthando’s “Heart of Cape Town” initiative by purchasing hearts made by local artisans, aligning with Signature’s commitment to responsible tourism and community support through its Travel Elevates program.

Travel Elevates, a nonprofit founded by Signature Travel Network, aims to enhance the positive impact of travel by supporting projects focused on education, environmental sustainability, and economic development. The Horizon Club’s South Africa experience connected members with local communities and supported meaningful initiatives, reinforcing the network’s dedication to responsible tourism.



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