Air France Unveils New Cabins for Embraer 190 Fleet

by Alice

On May 28, 2024, at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Air France revealed new travel cabins for its Embraer 190 fleet, operated by its regional subsidiary HOP! The first refurbished aircraft will enter service in autumn 2024.

This upgrade aligns with Air France’s strategy to enhance and standardize its short and medium-haul network services. The redesigned cabins will feature 110 seats in a 2-2 configuration. Each leather-upholstered seat includes ergonomic foam padding for improved comfort and sustainability, with a reclining capacity of up to three inches, a 46 cm wide seat pan, a tray table, optimized storage, removable armrests, and a coat hook. The height-adjustable headrests have adjustable wings.


A retractable holder with a ribbed, non-slip surface to secure smartphones or tablets will be integrated into each seat backrest. Seats will also have USB A and C ports for recharging devices, including laptops, and a double cup holder for added convenience.


Business class passengers will sit at the front of the aircraft, separated by a mobile curtain for added privacy. From January 2025, each Business class passenger will also enjoy an empty adjacent seat.


The cabin’s design will feature Air France’s signature colors: shades of blue, prominent white for light and contrast, and touches of red to represent the airline’s excellence. Seats will have symmetrical stitching with grey embroidery, and the headrests will display the company’s trademark accent. The cabin carpet will feature a herringbone pattern, inspired by Parisian apartments.

Air France collaborated with French manufacturer Expliseat and designer Andrea Mocellin to create these seats, made from ultra-light and sturdy carbon fiber and titanium. These seats, incorporating recycled materials and minimal plastic, are 30% lighter than current models, contributing to reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This initiative supports Air France’s broader strategy to reduce carbon emissions, which includes fleet renewal, increased use of sustainable aviation fuel, and eco-piloting practices.

Custom-designed in Angers, France, the seats will be installed at the HOP! maintenance site in Clermont-Ferrand after the summer.



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