Taylor Swift Fans Drive Surge in European Air Travel, United Airlines Reports

by Alice

The European air travel scene is experiencing a notable uptick, and Taylor Swift fans are a significant driving force behind it, according to United Airlines.

United Airlines disclosed that demand for flights to Lisbon, Portugal, where Swift is set to perform for her “Eras Tour,” has surged by 25% for this upcoming weekend compared to the same period last summer. This surge is expected to persist over the next few months as fans seize the opportunity to attend concerts in Europe, where ticket prices are considerably lower than in the US.


Bookings to other European cities hosting Swift’s performances in the coming weeks, such as Madrid, Edinburgh, and Dublin, are also witnessing a surge, a United representative informed CNN.


United’s flights to Milan and Munich for Swift’s shows in July have seen the most substantial increase in demand, with over 45% more passengers compared to last year.


The airline operates flights to all of these cities from its East Coast hubs at Newark and Dulles, with additional destinations accessible from its other hubs in San Francisco, Denver, Chicago’s O’Hare, and Houston.

Delta Air Lines has also observed an increase in demand for flights to Swift’s European tour. The airline, prepared with its largest-ever international summer schedule, has expanded its destinations and reinstated routes previously cut due to the pandemic.

Both United and Delta anticipate record-breaking summer travel overall. They project nearly 3 million passengers during the Memorial Day weekend, marking a 5% increase from last year.

Airlines for America, representing major US airlines, predicts a record number of passengers this summer, with an expected 6% increase from last year, totaling 270 million passengers.

The surge in bookings underscores the phenomenon of “Swiftonomics,” reflecting Taylor Swift’s significant influence on the economies of cities and countries she visits during her global tour.

A recent Barclays report estimates that over 1 million Swifties will attend her shows in the United Kingdom this summer, with each fan expected to spend an average of £642 ($810) on travel, accommodation, and other expenses. This is anticipated to inject a total of £755 million ($953 million) into the economy.

Dr. Peter Brooks, Chief Behavioral Scientist at Barclays, noted, “When it comes to cultural icons like Taylor Swift, supporters have such a strong connection to the artist and to the rest of the fandom that the desire to spend becomes even more powerful.”



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