Japan Ranks 3rd Among Top Global Travel Destinations: Report

by Alice

Japan has secured the third position in the latest travel and tourism development report published by the World Economic Forum on Tuesday. The country received commendable scores for its abundant natural and cultural resources, as well as its robust transport infrastructure.

The United States claimed the top spot on the list, with Spain closely following in second place. Notably, Japan emerged as the leading nation in the Asia-Pacific region.


While Japan clinched the first place in the previous 2021 report, which was issued amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the current rankings were determined using different criteria.


Among the individual criteria, Japan ranked second for its rich cultural resources, encompassing archaeological sites and entertainment facilities. Additionally, it secured the fourth position in the ground and port infrastructure category, owing to its extensive road and railway networks.


Despite its impressive performance in non-leisure resources, attributed to the presence of numerous major corporations and esteemed universities, Japan received comparatively lower scores in price competitiveness, tourist service, and infrastructure indicators.

In the comprehensive assessment covering 119 countries and regions, France secured the fourth position, closely followed by Australia in fifth place. Notable placements among other Asia-Pacific nations include China in eighth place, Singapore in 13th place, and South Korea in 14th place.



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