United Airlines Offers Exclusive Discount for Taylor Swift Concert-Goers

by Alice

United Airlines has rolled out a limited-time offer, extending a 13% discount on flights just in time for Taylor Swift’s anticipated return to the United States.

The timing of this special offer coincides with Swifties’ opportunity to catch the pop sensation’s live performances across the U.S. as part of her highly anticipated Eras Tour. The announcement follows Swift’s surprise release of a double album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” adding to the fervor surrounding her return.


According to Swift’s official website, the tour is set to resume in October, with scheduled stops in prominent cities such as Miami, New Orleans, Indianapolis, and Toronto.


“Turns out it’s NOT the end of an era,” Swift excitedly shared on her social media platform, X, hinting at the continuation of her musical journey with additional tour dates.


This collaboration marks another instance of United Airlines leveraging Swift’s immense popularity. Previously, during the Super Bowl, the airline capitalized on the singer’s fame by launching flights to Las Vegas for the event, creatively naming them “UA 1989” and “UA 2287,” a nod to Swift’s hit album and tight end Travis Kelce’s jersey number, respectively.

For avid Swift fans, this promotion offers a chance to save on travel expenses, particularly given the significant economic impact of Swift’s tour on accommodation prices, which saw hotel rates surge by over 100% in certain European destinations.

In addition to United’s initiative, Marriott Bonvoy is also facilitating fans’ access to Swift’s concerts by offering members and their companions the opportunity to win tickets to various shows. The grand prize includes tickets to three concerts across three cities. Entries for the grand prize must be submitted online by June 1, with varying entry deadlines for individual city-specific contests.

For those eager to catch Swift’s performance in Vancouver, entries are open until October 9 for a chance to win a comprehensive concert, flight, and hotel package courtesy of Marriott. Similar ticket packages for other shows worldwide are also up for grabs, with entry deadlines contingent upon the respective concert locations.



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