Yellowstone National Park Visitors Advised of Potential Traffic Delays Due to Construction Projects

by Alice

Yellowstone National Park is gearing up for a busy summer season, but travelers should anticipate traffic disruptions as the National Park Service undertakes significant improvement projects on key park thoroughfares.

In a recent announcement, the National Park Service (NPS) cautioned visitors about potential traffic delays resulting from ongoing construction activities at two major sites within the park.


The first project involves the replacement of the Lewis River Bridge and is located approximately 10 miles north of the South Entrance along the South Entrance Road. Travelers can expect delays of up to 20 minutes as construction progresses. While the road will remain open to wheeled vehicles from May through October 31, adjacent pullouts and access to the trail leading to Lewis River Falls will be temporarily closed during construction. Commencing in 2022, the bridge replacement project is slated for completion in the fall, offering enhanced parking and viewing amenities upon its conclusion.


Meanwhile, construction near the Yellowstone River Bridge, situated near the Tower Junction along the Northeast Entrance Road, is anticipated to cause delays of up to 30 minutes. The NPS advises that certain hiking trails in the vicinity may experience temporary closures during the project’s duration. This initiative, initiated in the previous year and anticipated to conclude in 2026, involves replacing the aging 1961 bridge with a modern, 1,285-foot-long steel girder bridge, aimed at ensuring year-round access to and from the Northeast Entrance and nearby communities of Silver Gate and Cooke City, Montana. The project’s scope also includes enhancements to trail access, fishing opportunities, and scenic viewpoints.


These construction undertakings coincide with Yellowstone’s peak season, characterized by favorable weather conditions and abundant wildlife sightings including elk, moose, bison, and mountain goats. As one of the most visited national parks in the United States, spanning Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, Yellowstone remains a premier destination renowned for its diverse natural landscapes and abundant wildlife encounters.

Travelers are advised to plan their visits accordingly, allowing for potential delays and taking into account alternative routes or transportation options to minimize inconvenience during their Yellowstone experience.



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