“Expedition Cruise Line HX Transitions to All-Inclusive Sailings”

by Alice

HX, the renowned expedition cruise line formerly known as Hurtigruten Expeditions, is simplifying travel experiences for adventurers worldwide by introducing all-inclusive voyages.

Commencing with expeditions to both Antarctica and the Galápagos Islands in October, HX will elevate its offerings to encompass everything from daily excursions and activities to gratuities, inclusive drinks such as wine, beer, and cocktails, and more, Subsequently, in November, HX will extend this comprehensive approach to all sailings across the globe.


Alex Delamere-White, HX’s chief commercial officer, emphasized the company’s commitment to facilitating immersive exploration experiences for guests. “We want our guests to fully embrace being curious travelers when they’re with us. By making things as easy as possible, they can focus on exploring remote parts of the world and learning from our expert team,” Delamere-White stated. “We believe adventure should be all-inclusive, which is why our daily expeditions, talks, and access to the science center come at no extra cost, alongside delicious food and drink.”


Furthermore, guests will enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi access, professional photography services, and utilization of the ship’s sauna, hot tubs, and fitness room, without any additional charges.


Following its rollout, the all-inclusive offering will become a standard feature across all HX cruises, responding directly to feedback from guests and partners.

Typically led by seasoned expedition teams and featuring onboard scientists, HX voyages offer a unique perspective on the destinations they traverse. The company’s itineraries span across the globe, from Alaska and Antarctica to Greenland, the British Isles, Norway, and beyond.

Beyond its expedition offerings, Hurtigruten is renowned for its Norwegian Coastal Express route, operational since 1893. Last year saw the cruise line’s relaunch of service on the Svalbard Express route, connecting Bergen, Norway, with the high Arctic archipelago of Svalbard aboard the refurbished Trollfjord ship.



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