U.S. Government Warns Travelers of Spring Break Scams

by Alice

As spring break approaches, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is cautioning vacationers against potential scams that could mar their travel plans during this highly anticipated season.

In a consumer alert released this week, the FTC advised travelers to remain vigilant against enticing offers that may turn out to be fraudulent schemes. Such scams often involve purportedly “free” vacations accompanied by undisclosed and exorbitant fees, or advertised as “low-cost” deals without providing sufficient details.


“Planning a trip, especially a spontaneous spring break getaway, may lead you to consider seemingly attractive offers,” stated the FTC in its alert. “However, scammers frequently exploit these offers with the aim of deceiving consumers and absconding with their money. Falling victim to such scams not only risks turning your dream vacation into a nightmare but also complicates the process of recovering lost funds.”


To safeguard against falling prey to travel scams, the FTC recommends thorough research before committing to any deals. Travelers are advised to conduct background checks on the travel company or agent by using search terms such as “scam,” “review,” or “complaint.” Furthermore, individuals should refrain from signing any agreements until they have obtained comprehensive information regarding accommodations, cancellation policies, and other pertinent details.


Additionally, the FTC warns against payment methods that are often associated with fraudulent activities, such as wire transfers, gift cards, or cryptocurrency transactions.

“Dishonest travel package promoters frequently insist on payment through these channels, signaling a high likelihood of a scam,” noted the commission in its alert.

While it is imperative to remain cautious of potential scams, it is important to recognize that legitimate opportunities for affordable spring break getaways do exist. Whether it’s exploring budget-friendly destinations like Guadalajara, Mexico; Las Vegas; or Kissimmee, Florida; or opting for cost-effective road trips, there are numerous ways to enjoy a memorable vacation without exceeding your budget.



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