The ultimate haven for female solo travellers – Antigua’s elite island resorts

by Alice

Antigua’s Elite Island Resorts have emerged as a sanctuary for solo female travelers seeking rejuvenation and cultural immersion in the heart of the Caribbean. Renowned singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur Lynnette Kaid, known as “Kaid,” embarked on a solo journey to Antigua, seeking not just relaxation but also new experiences and connections with the island’s vibrant culture.

Kaid’s Antiguan adventure epitomizes the allure of the destination for solo female travelers. Immersing herself in rum-tasting, Ital cuisine, and engaging with local crafts and musicians, she discovered a multi-layered journey rich in history and contemporary vibrancy. Her experience highlights Antigua as a safe and enriching environment for women looking to recharge and explore.


Antigua’s appeal lies not only in its scenic beauty but also in its commitment to safety and hospitality. With its warm locals, picturesque landscapes, and low crime rate, the island offers a haven for solo travelers to unwind and engage with nature. Activities such as hiking, nature walks, and water sports further enrich the wellness experience, allowing travelers to embrace a mindful lifestyle at their own pace.


Robert A. Barrett, Chairman of Elite Island Resorts, acknowledges the growing demand among solo female travelers for wellness-focused getaways. Elite Island Resorts, boasting five properties in Antigua, including four adults-only resorts, caters to this market segment with a diverse range of wellness amenities, healthy cuisine options, and recreational facilities like pickleball courts.


While the resorts offer a myriad of activities, Kaid encourages fellow solo travelers to explore beyond their confines. Pink Panther Safari Tours, operated by a team of local women, provides an immersive experience of Antigua’s cultural and natural treasures. From Nelson’s Dockyard to Shirley Heights and Devil’s Bridge, travelers delve into the island’s rich heritage and breathtaking landscapes.

For those craving a maritime adventure, Captain Noel DuBerry offers sailing excursions along Antigua’s shores. With his intimate knowledge of the island, guests can snorkel at Cades Reef, visit Bird Island, and uncover hidden gems, all while basking in the tranquility of the turquoise waters.

Regardless of the chosen itinerary, solo female travelers depart Antigua invigorated and inspired, echoing Kaid’s sentiments of newfound energy and creativity. Antigua’s Elite Island Resorts stand as a testament to the island’s allure as a sanctuary for women seeking solace, adventure, and cultural enrichment amidst the Caribbean’s splendor.



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