Death Valley National Park reopens 195 miles of road damaged by 2023 hurricane: What you need to know if you’re visiting

by Alice

Death Valley National Park has made significant strides in its recovery efforts following the devastation caused by Hurricane Hilary in 2023. Nearly 200 miles of roads within the park, which spans across California and Nevada, have been reopened to visitors over the past week.

The reopening of 195 miles of roads marks a crucial milestone in the park’s restoration process, allowing access to key areas such as Emigrant Canyon, West Side, Ibex, Saratoga, and Owlshead roads.


Repair efforts undertaken by the National Park Service (NPS) included the restoration of 174 miles of unpaved roads, while the Federal Highway Administration focused on the 21-mile paved Emigrant Canyon Road. These repairs encompassed clearing debris, filling in shoulders, and addressing sections of road that had been destroyed during the hurricane.


Despite the progress made, the NPS cautioned that repair work is ongoing, with crews now shifting their focus to unpaved roads in the eastern and northern regions of the park. Additionally, environmental and archeological assessments are still underway for Titus Canyon Road, with expectations for its reopening in the coming spring.


The impact of Hurricane Hilary, which struck Death Valley National Park last August, resulted in widespread flooding and necessitated the closure of the park. After its longest-ever closure, the park finally reopened its doors to visitors in October, marking a significant step towards recovery and restoration.



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