Kyoto Implements Stricter Regulations for Tourists in Geisha District

by Alice

In an effort to address issues of overcrowding and misbehavior, the historic city of Kyoto in Japan has announced new measures aimed at regulating tourist activity within its renowned geisha district, Gion. Effective April, tourists will be prohibited from accessing certain private alleys within Gion, commonly frequented by geisha, the traditional entertainers clad in kimonos and makeup.

According to reports from The Associated Press, signage in both English and Japanese will be prominently displayed around the designated areas, cautioning visitors to steer clear of these private streets. Violators of this regulation will face fines amounting to 10,000 yen ($67.97).


Isokazu Ota, a local district official, emphasized the necessity of these measures in addressing persistent challenges posed by the influx of tourists. “We are going to put up signs in April that tell tourists to stay out of our private streets,” Ota stated.


This move follows previous efforts by the city to safeguard the cultural integrity of Gion. In 2015, Kyoto distributed pamphlets discouraging “nuisance activities,” such as photographing geisha, as reported by CNN. Subsequently, in 2019, additional signage was erected in Gion, explicitly prohibiting photography and threatening fines.


Ota expressed concerns regarding tourists’ compliance with these regulations, particularly in light of observed infractions. “Even if we warn tourists, it is difficult to get through to them at this point,” he remarked.

Beyond Kyoto, other regions in Japan are also implementing measures to manage tourism. The local government overseeing Mount Fuji has approved restrictions on daily climbers, along with the imposition of fees and enhanced safety measures.

Despite localized efforts to address overtourism, Japan remains committed to attracting visitors on a broader scale. Notably, the country is launching a digital nomad program, extending opportunities for foreign nationals to work while traveling in Japan, with eligibility spanning dozens of countries and territories, including the United States.



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