It’s easy to get to Portugal this summer – here’s why

by Alice

This summer, travelers can anticipate smoother access to Lisbon as TAP Air Portugal announces the addition of 10 extra weekly flights from North America to the bustling city.The airline is set to operate a total of 77 flights per week connecting the United States and Portugal, with increased frequencies from various U.S. cities. Additionally, TAP will offer 20 weekly flights from Canada.

Among the enhancements, TAP plans to introduce an additional flight departing from San Francisco, boosting its weekly service to six flights from the California hub. Moreover, the airline will facilitate two flights daily departing from Washington Dulles International Airport.


TAP’s extensive network includes flights to both Lisbon and Porto from key U.S. gateways such as New York, Newark, Boston, Chicago, and Miami.


Beyond Portugal, TAP disclosed to T+L its intentions to recommence seasonal flights to other sought-after European destinations, including Ibiza, Menorca, Palma de Mallorca, and Naples.


The airline’s commitment to safety is evident as it secures the 17th spot on the list of the safest airlines globally for the year 2024. Notably, TAP is a member of the Star Alliance, alongside U.S. carrier United Airlines.

Operational under a low-cost model, TAP offers three distinct economy fare classes: Discount, Classic, and Plus. Passengers opting for the Discount fare are entitled to a carry-on bag while checked baggage incurs an additional charge. Additionally, TAP levies supplementary fees for in-flight meals in the economy cabin.

Travel enthusiasts eyeing an extraordinary European summer getaway are advised to commence their planning efforts promptly. Experts suggest booking flights to the continent at least six months in advance, with some recommending a lead time of up to 10 months.

Summer emerges as an optimal season to explore Portugal, with its inviting warm weather, expansive beaches ideal for sun-seekers, and a plethora of festivals to partake in. Moreover, Portugal’s near-perfect climate positions it as one of the premier retirement destinations globally.



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