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This is the last airline to ask customers to step on a scale.

by Alice

Finnair, a prominent European airline, has announced plans to implement a passenger weighing initiative as part of its efforts to gather data for aircraft balance calculations. Throughout February, April, and May, the airline will request passengers to step on scales with their carry-on baggage at Helsinki Airport. This data collection will be on a voluntary basis and will encompass select European flights within the Schengen area, as well as various long-haul flights departing from the non-Schengen side.

This initiative follows a similar effort conducted by the airline in 2017 and 2018, aimed at enhancing flight safety through accurate weight calculations. Satu Munnukka, Head of Ground Processes at Finnair, emphasized the non-personal nature of the collected data, clarifying that it is solely utilized for average calculations essential for flight safety. Volunteers’ anonymity is preserved, as their weight remains unlinked to personal data such as names or booking numbers, with only the customer service agent having access to the total weight. Volunteers will provide demographic details such as age, gender, and travel class, ensuring anonymity while facilitating accurate data collection.


Munnukka reassured passengers that no identifying information is collected during the process, emphasizing the airline’s commitment to privacy and data protection. Upon completion of the study, the collected data will be forwarded to The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency for analysis and utilization in aviation safety measures.

Finnair joins a growing list of airlines, including Air New Zealand and Korean Air, in implementing passenger weighing initiatives to enhance safety protocols and operational efficiency.



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