Japan Releases 2024 Cherry Blossom Forecast: Early Blooms Anticipated

by Alice

While the U.S. contends with a harsh cold spell, Japan is already looking forward to spring, offering predictions for the return of its renowned cherry blossoms. The good news is that the blossoms are expected to make an appearance earlier than initially anticipated.

According to the Japan Meteorological Corporation, cherry blossoms are projected to start blooming around Tokyo on March 23, with the full bloom expected around March 30. In the Kochi Prefecture, further south, blossoms are anticipated to start emerging around March 18, while in Hokkaido to the north, travelers can expect the bloom to commence around May 2. In Kyoto, blossoms are predicted to begin on March 23, with full bloom anticipated around the beginning of April.


Notably, the forecasted dates for western and eastern Japan are slightly earlier than the historical average, attributed to higher-than-normal temperatures experienced in November and December. The Japan Meteorological Corporation acknowledged that climate change is influencing earlier blooms and making predictions more challenging.


If one misses the primary bloom in the southern regions, there is the option to travel further north for another chance to witness the spectacle.It’s important to acknowledge that the forecasted date is subject to revision multiple times leading up to the expected bloom day. The Japan Times highlighted that in 2023, weather experts revised their estimations 13 times, ultimately achieving accuracy within 2.1 days of the actual blooms.However, based on previous years, the site suggests an expected bloom around mid to late March.




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