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United Airlines Inaugurates First-Ever Route to Alaska from Major Hub

by Alice

As the allure of Alaska travel continues to grow, United Airlines is set to introduce a new route to Anchorage, aligning with the upcoming summer season.

In a groundbreaking move, United Airlines will commence flights between Washington, D.C., and Anchorage on May 23.This seasonal service will operate once daily, with flights scheduled through September 2, coinciding with the unofficial conclusion of summer marked by the Labor Day holiday.


Prospective travelers can secure bookings for this new route directly through United’s official website or mobile application.

The departure from United’s major hub at Washington-Dulles International Airport is slated for the evening at 5:44 p.m., touching down in Anchorage at 9:28 p.m. The return leg features a red-eye flight, departing from Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport at 8:05 p.m. and landing at Washington-Dulles at 7:07 a.m.

United Airlines plans to deploy its Boeing 737 MAX-8 aircraft for this nearly eight-hour journey. It’s noteworthy that this aircraft differs from the MAX-9, currently undergoing inspection for loose bolts. In recent weeks, United has canceled numerous flights on the MAX-9 until the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approves an exhaustive inspection and maintenance process.

The MAX-8 aircraft, as part of United’s latest fleet additions, offers amenities such as Wi-Fi, power outlets, USB ports, and personal seatback entertainment. The first-class cabin boasts 16 recliner seats arranged in a 2-2 configuration, with complimentary meals served during the flight. Meanwhile, the economy class, consisting of 101 seats, offers “meals for purchase,” prompting passengers to prepare with snacks for the extended journey.

In a parallel development, Alaska Airlines has unveiled plans to broaden its Anchorage routes, announcing new connections from San Diego and New York-JFK starting in May and June, respectively. With United’s initiation of service from Washington-Dulles, a total of two routes will link the East Coast to the state of Alaska during the upcoming summer.



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