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Venice Launches Online Platform for Day Tripper Entry Fee

by Alice

In accordance with the recently unveiled tourist regulations set to take effect in Venice this year, the online platform for day-trippers to purchase the €5 entry fee to the city is now operational. This user-friendly platform enables visitors to make their payments in advance, streamlining the process before their arrival. Notably, the entry fee is exempt for those staying overnight in the city.

Venice authorities have formally instituted the entry fee, officially termed the Venice Access Fee, for day visitors exploring the historic City of Canals on 29 specified dates throughout the year. The initiative seeks to strike a delicate balance between preserving the daily life of Venice residents and providing an exceptional experience for tourists.


Key Features of the Access System:

This Access Fee initiative aims to discourage daily tourism during peak periods. The 5-euro per day fee, applicable solely to the historical sections of the city, promotes sustainability for both residents and tourists. The system issues a QR code upon payment, enhancing the visitor experience while contributing to the responsible management of Venice’s unique charm. The fee is applicable on specific days from April 25th to May 5th and on weekends in May, June, and July, from 8:30 am to 4 pm, excluding access to the islands.

Key Benefits for Travellers:

Streamlined Access: The platform issues a QR code upon payment, simplifying the entry process and making it more efficient for travellers to explore the iconic city.

Sustainable Tourism: The Access Fee promotes sustainable tourism by discouraging daily influxes during peak periods, ensuring a more enjoyable and less crowded experience for travellers.

Preservation of Venice’s Charm: By implementing this measure, Venice seeks to strike a delicate balance between residents and tourists, preserving the authenticity of the city. Visitors can enjoy the city’s unique atmosphere without overcrowding.

Responsible Travel: The initiative encourages responsible travel, aligning with the global need to manage tourism sustainably.

Key Experiences in Venice:

While Venice implements this innovative approach to manage tourism, visitors can still indulge in the city’s unparalleled charm. Key experiences include:

Venetian Canals and Gondola Rides: Navigate the iconic canals on a traditional gondola, exploring the unique waterways that make Venice famous.

St. Mark’s Basilica and Square: Immerse yourself in the stunning architecture of St. Mark’s Basilica and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of St. Mark’s Square.

Rialto Bridge: Admire the grandeur of the Rialto Bridge, offering breathtaking views of the Grand Canal and the bustling market area.

Venetian Cuisine: Delight in authentic Venetian cuisine at local trattorias, savouring fresh seafood, pasta, and traditional dishes.

Murano and Burano Islands: Explore the artisanal workshops on Murano, known for its glassmaking, and the colourful homes of Burano, famous for lace production.



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