Air New Zealand’s Cyber Monday sale, featuring “lowest fares in 2023” to Auckland, Sydney and beyond.

by Alice

Air New Zealand is celebrating Cyber Monday with a major sale, offering flights to Auckland from as low as $1,033.

The sale, which must be booked by 11:59pm PT on 28 November, is available from Air New Zealand’s US gateways, including New York, Los Angeles, Houston and more. As part of the sale, travellers can venture beyond Auckland for just $99 more, with connections to select cities in New Zealand or Australia.


“We’re excited to offer our customers our lowest fares of 2023!” “This is the perfect opportunity for travellers looking to cross New Zealand off their bucket list. We hope these lower fares will encourage even more of our North American customers to explore what Air New Zealand has to offer in 2024.”


Travel from Los Angeles or San Francisco to Auckland from as little as $1,033 or from Houston to Auckland from as little as $1,133. For just $200 more, travellers can fly from Chicago to Auckland, or from New York City – one of the world’s longest flights – from just $1,433.


The sale also offers great savings on Air New Zealand’s Premium Economy, with flights to Auckland from Los Angeles and San Francisco starting at $2,633. And travellers who want to fly into the country in style can book a seat in the airline’s Business Premier cabin, with flights from the West Coast starting at just $6,933.

The sale comes almost a year after Air New Zealand introduced its new Economy Stretch cabin, which offers 39 per cent more legroom with a total seat pitch of 35 inches. The airline is also offering the option to book a Skycouch in Economy, which allows passengers to convert three seats into a makeshift bed.

Next year, Air New Zealand plans to introduce an Economy Skynest with six sleeping pods that passengers can take turns using.



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