Swiss Alps ski season!

by Alice

Travellers can access some of the world’s most pristine skiing from the charming alpine village of Grindelwald, which serves as an ideal base and gateway to the region. Grindelwald is just a few scenic hours’ drive from Zurich, which has direct flights to a number of popular American airports, including Dallas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Charlotte, Phoenix and more. The Swiss Alps have long been renowned for their exceptional snow quality, and the Jungfrau Region is no exception.

With over 130 miles of untouched ski trails, the region offers fantastic powder consistently. Its high altitude also makes Jungfrau less susceptible to variable snow conditions compared to the lower peaks found in world-class American resorts such as those in Utah and Colorado.


Jungfrau is an ideal destination for family skiing. On Saturdays in the Jungfrau region, for every lift ticket purchased by a parent, three children aged 6 to 15 can ski for free, making it easier for families to ski together. The inclusive culture of Swiss skiing is on display at the Jungfrau Ski School, where expert instructors teach essential skiing skills to small groups on the Männlichen.


Memories of learning to ski on one of the world’s most picturesque peaks will echo in family stories for generations to come. The family-friendly atmosphere also extends to cost considerations. For an elegant ascent, the Jungfrau Railways’ new Eiger Express gondola offers skiers a stylish ride to the top of Mannlichen, with plush seats and a heated interior. And with 26 skiers per cabin, it can accommodate even the largest families.


The region is also superbly equipped for non-skiing families. Winter adventures range from snowshoeing to exhilarating bungee jumps from a hanging gondola over picturesque Swiss alpine lakes to visits to the spectacular Jungfraujoch and Sphinx Observatory. The ungfraujoch – Top of Europe, at 11,330 feet, is the crown jewel of the area, serving as an observatory and visitor centre on the edge of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Aletsch Glacier. With restaurants, an incredible Ice Palace and that perennial Swiss favourite, the Godiva chocolate shop, the Jungfraujoch is the perfect day or half-day excursion from the Alpine Lodges of Grindelwald for the whole family.

After a day’s skiing, visitors can retreat to the cosy alpine chalets of Grindelwald. This charming village is renowned for its après ski offerings, with bars and restaurants as well as boutique commodations that include outdoor spas with mountain views and a variety of dining options. Visitors will find Swiss favourites throughout the alpine village, from fondue, raclette and rösti – potatoes and cheese dominate the Swiss winter diet – to international options with cuisine from nearby Italy and France.

Perennial favourites include Boutique Hotel Glacier and Bergwelt Alpine Design Resort, both luxury boutique hotels with views of the Swiss Alps, indulgent spas and fantastic après-ski dining options.



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