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Your travel companion: A step-by-step guide to using customised event passes

by yang

Custom event passes or tickets have become a staple of any tour, concert or festival. Using a variety of shapes, finishes and breakable tokens, bespoke passes can be as unique as the event being planned. They can also ensure that event planners quickly cash in on the $78 billion in ticket sales revenue projected by 2023. But customised badges are not just for event organisers. Have you ever thought about how travellers can benefit from customised event passes?

How custom event passes benefit travellers

Part of a traveller’s itinerary is to attend fun events such as local music festivals, concerts and trade shows in the region they are visiting. To attend these events, travellers need tickets, which is where customised event passes come in. With customised passes, travellers have fun.

Personalised experiences

Customised tickets can include your name, seat number, job title, company name or other unique information. The added touch of personalisation on event passes creates a sense of belonging and increases engagement.

Single solution package

A personalised ticket may be all you need to overcome the unexpected challenges of travel, such as finding a venue or attraction. They have a map of the venue and a schedule on the back. Event planners also embed breakable food or drink coupons to keep everything in one place.

Improved access control

According to Bag Tags, Inc., event planners use customised event passes to determine who has access to different areas of the venue. For example, if you choose a VIP pass, you can easily enter the venue and quickly identify your seat. They can also gain access to premium activities such as dining with speakers or celebrities.

Reducing ticket fraud

Many travellers fall victim to professional fraudsters selling counterfeit event tickets online or on the street. Event organisers are using ticketing technology to sell customised event tickets and combat fraudulent behaviour. For example, the use of blockchain helps event planners ensure that all tickets distributed are authentic, know who has them and how they change hands. Event organisers are also embedding RFID chips and QR codes into custom tickets, so buyers can be sure they are buying the real thing.

Memorable souvenir

Personalised tickets can be more than just a one-off. They can be kept as souvenirs, especially for big ticket festivals, concerts and high-end corporate conferences. Souvenirs such as tickets create a positive post-event experience and motivate people to travel more often.

Types of custom event passes and how they are used

Event planners design different types of custom event passes to meet the specific needs of their target audience. Here are the most common types of event passes and how to use them while travelling.

General Admission

General Admission, or GA, tickets allow attendees to enter the venue without any extras such as assigned seating or special lounge areas.

You can use General Admission tickets for concerts, an open-air cinema or a museum where there is no need for reserved seating.

General Admission

General Admission (GA) tickets provide access to venues without extras such as assigned seating or special lounge areas.

You can use general admission tickets for concerts or an outdoor cinema or museum where reserved seating is not required.

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