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Beneath the surface: Anguilla’s most fascinating caves to explore

by yang

Fancy yourself a spelunker? Imagine yourself on the stunning Caribbean island of Anguilla, where pure white sand, beaches and crystal clear waters await. But here’s the twist: there are secrets within its secret, captivating caves, just waiting to be discovered! For something a little different from a traditional day on the beach, a bit of caving could be just the experience you need to make your holiday truly memorable.

Have you packed your hiking boots? Anguilla boasts an abundance of caves scattered throughout the island, and we’re happy to share the best (and most accessible) three to add to your spelunking itinerary.

Anguilla Arch: Although it’s not actually a cave (yes, we’re cheating a little), a visit to Anguilla Arch is an experience straight out of a blockbuster movie or a picture-perfect postcard. While some may overlook this wonder, it’s a true geological masterpiece that demands your attention. Made up of magical yellow and red limestone, it is the very definition of picturesque. You can view this natural phenomenon from one of the many surrounding cliffs or from the shore. Each perspective is worth the short walk up or down the cliff!

The Cavannagh Cave: Located in Katouche Bay, Cavannagh Cave promises to be a captivating adventure just waiting for you. Organised by Katouche Tours, this extraordinary cave boasts naturally occurring balsam bush, historically used by Anguillian women as nail polish. Embark on a short hike through a tropical landscape with a knowledgeable guide to witness this natural wonder first hand. With lush greenery at every turn, take every moment to explore the depths of the cave and create wondrous memories.

Goat Cave: It has been said that the view from Goat Cave is unparalleled. Although it is an expert level hike to get there and requires you to navigate rocky terrain, the final destination makes it all worthwhile. The limestone formations, natural sunroofs and plunge pools make this particular cave a spectacular one to include in your exploration of Anguilla’s caves.

Anguilla invites you to discover the island from a new perspective. These hidden wonders offer thrilling adventures and the chance to discover the unknown of Anguilla’s underground world. Your journey into the heart of Anguilla’s caves is just the beginning of an unforgettable experience.

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