Pueblo Bonito resorts in Quivira Los Cabos offer a wealth of wellness options

by Alice

Pueblo Bonito Golf & Spa Resorts, located within the luxurious Quivira Los Cabos development at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, provides the ideal setting for rejuvenating the body, mind and spirit.

With its stunning desert-meets-ocean setting, the 1,850-acre development has become a natural paragon of wellness. Although only 10 minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas, the resort occupies a sheltered valley surrounded by mountain ridges. The spectacular Land’s End setting, coupled with wellness programmes and healthy dining options, creates an enclave where guests and residents can renew themselves.


Pueblo Bonito Resorts’ ‘Wealth of Wellness’ package – updated for 2024 – integrates numerous wellness components available within the resort community, from stress-relieving spa treatments to exciting outdoor activities.


The award-winning Armonia Spas are an ideal starting point for wellness. Each spa at Pacifica, Sunset Beach and Montecristo offers a serene respite from the stresses of everyday life and a full menu of rejuvenating treatments. From luxurious facials to holistic massage therapies, treatments are designed to help guests achieve harmony and total relaxation. The skilled therapists here are some of the best in the region and, combined with the tranquil surroundings, leave guests feeling rejuvenated.


In addition, Armonia Spa Organic, a signature product line made with organic shea butter and essential oils such as argan and jojoba, enhances the spa experience.
Purchasing products for use at home is a great way to extend the sense of self-renewal and inner peace that you experience at Armonia Spa.

Quivira Los Cabos’ daily schedule of body-centered, life-enhancing activities includes everything from yoga on the beach to classes in the resort’s fitness centres. In addition, an extensive network of trails encourages healthy outings. Whether walking, jogging or mountain biking, the trails allow residents and guests of all physical abilities to flow with the natural sounds and scents of the Baja and connect with nature, a source of joy and peace of mind.

Mountain biking is a fantastic way to explore the region’s rugged desert terrain. As well as guided nature walks, guests can hike or cycle to the old lighthouse, known as Faro Viejo, which clings to a cliff high above the sea and dates from 1905. It’s the oldest standing structure in Cabo San Lucas.

More relaxed options? Each of the resort’s pools is surrounded by comfortable lounges, perfect for reading, relaxing and sunbathing. The Wealth of Wellness package also includes the use of shaded beach cabanas in front of Pacifica. These cabanas offer personal butler service and a full range of food and beverage options, ensuring that guests can relax and be lulled by the sound of the waves breaking on the shore.

The perfect place to recharge after a hike or swim is Perfect Balance, located within The Market at Quivira, a gastronomic food hall on Sunset Beach. This wellness bar offers a menu of healthy options made with quality organic ingredients. Choose from cold-pressed juices, wellness elixirs, smoothies, salads and snacks.

Q Life, a lifestyle club created for residents of Quivira Los Cabos and available to resort guests, offers a synergistic approach to individual pursuits and group activities. With a comprehensive menu of programmes, Q Life inspires residents and guests to seek new ways to enjoy a healthy lifestyle while developing friendships with those who share their interests.

Here’s a value-added component of the ‘Wealth of Wellness’ package that’s completely free – and very beneficial. The thunderous Pacific surf at the doorstep of Sunset Beach and Pacifica Resorts is a tremendous producer of negative ions. A walk on the resorts’ magnificent 2.5 mile stretch of pristine beach, with thousands of negative ions in the air, can produce a mild euphoria, even a gentle mental release.

If a mild sense of euphoria is the capstone of wellness, Quivira Los Cabos’ oceanfront setting delivers 24/7.



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