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More flexible, affordable fares for Amtrak customers

by yang

Based on extensive customer research and in an effort to better meet customer needs, Amtrak has introduced a new, simplified fare structure with more flexible and affordable options. The simpler fare structure was introduced this week and builds on other recent improvements Amtrak has made to the booking experience.

“This streamlined fare structure with more affordable and flexible fares is part of Amtrak’s ongoing commitment to improving the customer experience at every step of their journey,” said Amtrak President Roger Harris.

The new fare structure reduces the number of fare types from three to two and provides a more consistent booking experience with fare types that are clearly differentiated and easy to understand:

Flex: For customers who want a more flexible travel option, these tickets are fully refundable if cancelled and can be changed before departure without penalty.

Value: For customers who know their travel plans and want a more affordable option, these tickets are priced lower than Flex tickets, are non-changeable and receive a 75% refund if cancelled.

As well as simplifying the fare structure, there are other benefits to the new approach:

Flex fares will often be available at lower prices than previously offered.

Occasional sale fares at an even greater discount (these will not be changeable and will be refunded 50% if cancelled).

All refunds for credit card purchases will be made in the original form of payment, not as an eVoucher.
These changes to Coach and Acela Business tickets will make it easier for Amtrak customers to choose the ticket type that best suits their travel needs.

Non-Acela Business and First Class tickets were already fully refundable and changeable at no additional charge. Tickets purchased prior to the implementation of the new simplified fare structure will continue to be subject to the fare rules and conditions in effect at the time of purchase.

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