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Exploring Greece on a Budget: Where to Go in Greece Cheap?

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Greece, with its rich history, stunning landscapes, and delectable cuisine, is a dream destination for many travelers. However, the allure of this Mediterranean gem often comes with a reputation for being expensive. The good news is that you can explore Greece on a budget without sacrificing the quality of your experience. In this guide, we will take you on a journey through the mesmerizing Greek landscape, highlighting the most affordable places to visit and sharing tips on how to make the most of your trip. So, if you’re wondering where to go in Greece cheap, read on for valuable insights.

1. Athens: The Gateway to Greece’s Past and Present

Your journey to discover where to go in Greece cheap should begin in the heart of the country – Athens. As the capital city, Athens offers a fascinating mix of history and modernity, making it an excellent place to start your Greek adventure. One of the first tips for budget travelers is to explore Athens on foot. The city is compact, allowing you to visit many historical sites, such as the Acropolis and the Ancient Agora, without the need for expensive transportation.

Another budget-friendly option in Athens is to opt for a city pass. The Athens City Pass offers free access to numerous attractions, along with public transportation, providing significant savings. Additionally, indulging in local street food, such as gyros and souvlaki, is both delicious and affordable.

2. Thessaloniki: A Northern Gem

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly experience that’s off the beaten path, head north to Thessaloniki. This vibrant city is often overlooked by tourists, but it offers a rich cultural experience. Thessaloniki is known for its affordable and diverse food scene, which includes mouthwatering seafood and Mediterranean dishes. Exploring the city’s historic sites and strolling along the seafront promenade, known as the White Tower, is entirely free and provides a glimpse into the city’s history.

3. Santorini: Affordable Ways to Experience Paradise

Santorini, with its iconic sunsets and breathtaking views, is a must-visit destination in Greece. While it’s true that Santorini can be expensive, there are ways to enjoy this paradise without breaking the bank. When considering where to go in Greece cheap, Santorini has budget-friendly options.

First, consider traveling during the shoulder seasons, such as spring or fall, when accommodation prices are lower. Many hotels and guesthouses offer budget-friendly rooms with views of the caldera. Additionally, explore the island’s unique beaches, such as the Red Beach, which offer beautiful scenery and are free to access. Local bakeries and markets are also excellent places to enjoy affordable Greek cuisine.

4. Crete: Exploring Greece’s Largest Island

Crete, the largest of the Greek islands, is a versatile destination that offers something for everyone. From its rich history to its pristine beaches, there’s no shortage of experiences to be had on this island. When it comes to exploring Crete on a budget, there are several strategies to keep costs down.

One of the keys to budget travel in Crete is to rent a car. While this might seem counterintuitive, it allows you to explore the island at your own pace, avoiding expensive tours. You can visit historical sites, such as the Palace of Knossos, without the need for a guided tour. Accommodation options range from affordable hostels to cozy guesthouses in charming villages. Dining at local tavernas is a cost-effective way to savor Cretan cuisine.

5. Rhodes: An Island Steeped in History

Rhodes, another captivating Greek island, is renowned for its historical significance and captivating landscapes. The medieval Old Town of Rhodes is a UNESCO World Heritage site and can be explored at no cost. The charming streets, fortifications, and Palace of the Grand Master are all open for exploration. When contemplating where to go in Greece cheap, Rhodes should be on your list.

For affordable accommodation, consider staying in the new town, which offers a wide range of budget-friendly options. Additionally, take advantage of the island’s delicious street food, like souvlaki and local pastries. Don’t forget to visit the pristine beaches, which are free to access, and take a dip in the crystal-clear waters.

6. Zakynthos: The Hidden Paradise of the Ionian Sea

Zakynthos, one of the Ionian Islands, is often described as a hidden gem of Greece. With its stunning beaches, including the famous Shipwreck Beach, and lush landscapes, it’s a paradise for nature lovers. When deciding where to go in Greece cheap, Zakynthos offers an affordable island experience.

To save on expenses, opt for accommodations in less touristy areas of the island. In Zakynthos, you can also find small family-run tavernas that serve authentic Greek dishes at reasonable prices. Exploring the island’s natural beauty, from the Blue Caves to the Navagio Shipwreck viewpoint, is often free or inexpensive.

7. Naxos: A Cycladic Gem for Budget Travelers

Naxos, part of the Cyclades island group, is a perfect destination for travelers seeking a more affordable Greek experience. Known for its beautiful beaches, charming villages, and rich history, Naxos has much to offer without breaking the bank.

When planning your trip to Naxos, look for budget accommodations in Naxos Town or Agios Prokopios, both of which offer a wide range of options. Dining at local tavernas is not only delicious but also cost-effective. Be sure to explore the island’s historical sites, such as the Temple of Apollo and the Portara, which have no entry fees.

8. Corfu: A Green Oasis in the Ionian Sea

Corfu, another Ionian Island, boasts lush green landscapes, historic charm, and a vibrant cultural scene. This island offers a blend of affordable experiences and natural beauty, making it a great choice for budget-conscious travelers.

To maximize your budget on Corfu, consider staying in self-catering accommodations or budget hotels in Corfu Town or in smaller villages. The island is also known for its budget-friendly local dishes, including pastitsada and sofrito. Exploring the historic Old Town, with its narrow streets and Venetian architecture, is a delightful and cost-free experience.

9. Peloponnese: A Peninsula of Rich History

The Peloponnese peninsula is a historic treasure trove with ancient ruins, medieval castles, and natural wonders. It offers a budget-friendly alternative to the more touristy Greek islands. The region is home to some of Greece’s most iconic sites, such as Ancient Olympia, Mycenae, and Epidaurus.

When exploring the Peloponnese on a budget, opt for guesthouses or small hotels in charming towns and villages. Dining in local tavernas is an affordable way to savor traditional Greek cuisine. Many historical sites offer discounts or free admission on certain days, so plan your visits accordingly.

10. Chania: A Gem in Crete

Chania, located in western Crete, is a picturesque town with a stunning Venetian harbor, historic architecture, and vibrant markets. It’s an excellent choice for budget travelers who want to experience the beauty and culture of Crete without breaking the bank.

To keep costs down in Chania, look for affordable guesthouses and hostels, especially in the Old Town. The town’s local markets and bakeries are great places to sample Cretan cuisine at a reasonable price. Don’t forget to explore the historic district, the Venetian harbor, and the Archaeological Museum, all of which offer affordable or free access.

11. Delphi: A Journey into Ancient Greece

Delphi, located in the mountains of central Greece, is a destination that offers a unique window into ancient Greek history and mythology. It’s known for the ancient sanctuary of Apollo, where the Oracle of Delphi delivered her prophecies.

To experience Delphi on a budget, consider staying in nearby towns like Arachova, which offers more affordable accommodations. Visiting the archaeological site of Delphi and the Delphi Archaeological Museum is a cost-effective way to delve into Greek history. Enjoying the picturesque mountain scenery and hiking in the surrounding area are also budget-friendly activities.

12. Budget Travel Tips for Greece

While knowing where to go in Greece cheap is crucial, having a few budget travel tips can make a significant difference in your overall expenses:

a. Travel Off-Peak: Visiting Greece during the shoulder seasons, such as spring and fall, can result in lower accommodation and flight costs.

b. Public Transportation: In cities like Athens and Thessaloniki, public transportation is cost-effective and efficient. Use metro, trams, and buses to get around.

c. Accommodation: Look for budget accommodations like guesthouses, hostels, or vacation rentals. In some cases, staying slightly outside the city center can be more affordable.

d. Local Cuisine: Enjoy traditional Greek food at local tavernas and markets for authentic and budget-friendly dining experiences.

e. Free Attractions: Research free or discounted admission days for museums and historical sites, and explore parks, beaches, and scenic viewpoints.

f. Water and Snacks: Carry a reusable water bottle and snacks to save on small expenses during the day.

g. Plan Ahead: Booking flights, accommodations, and tours in advance can help secure the best deals.

h. Travel Insurance: Don’t forget to invest in travel insurance to protect your trip from unforeseen circumstances.

i. Currency Exchange: Use ATMs to withdraw cash in the local currency for better exchange rates.

j. Learn Basic Greek: Learning a few basic Greek phrases can help you communicate and negotiate better prices.


Greece, with its diverse landscapes, rich history, and delicious cuisine, is a destination that can be explored on a budget without compromising the quality of your experience. From the ancient ruins of Athens to the picturesque islands like Santorini and budget-friendly gems like Thessaloniki, Greece offers a wide range of options for travelers seeking to discover where to go in Greece cheap. By following these tips and selecting the right destinations, you can make the most of your Greek adventure while staying within your budget. So, pack your bags, set your budget, and get ready to explore the wonders of Greece without breaking the bank.

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