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Driving abroad? Here are some of the unusual rules around the world you should be aware of

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In the past year, searches for ‘rules for driving abroad’ have increased by +133%, indicating that there are some uncertainties to be cleared up. Have you ever heard of someone being fined for leaving their keys in a parked car?

Driving in Germany

In Germany, the so-called ‘rechts vor links’ (right before left) rule is mostly found in residential areas. Unless there are signs to the contrary, people approaching a junction must give way to anyone coming from the right.

Looking for an adrenaline rush? There is no speed limit on German motorways, although the recommended speed is 130 km/h.

On top of that, you are technically allowed to drive completely naked. Just make sure you don’t bother anyone, as they might file a complaint with the police.


If you’ve been caught drinking and driving, there’s a chance you’ll have to install an alcohol interlock device in your car. This means you’ll have to take a breathalyser test every time you start your car.

About Australia

ever jump out of your car to get your morning coffee without locking it? Leaving a car unlocked or leaving keys in an unattended vehicle could result in a maximum of 20 penalty units and a fine. The amount you have to pay depends on the state you’re in, for example in New South Wales one penalty unit is worth $110, meaning you could be fined up to $2200 for this offence!

United States

If you arrive at an intersection with a stop sign in the US, you must stop and if others have stopped, the first one to stop is the first to proceed.
In most states, you can’t carry open containers of alcohol in your car – this is called an open container law. You may be able to keep them in the boot, but check your state’s laws first.

You’re always allowed to turn right at traffic lights, but you still have to watch out for anyone coming from the left!

Want to go car shopping on a Sunday in Colorado? No can do! A law prevents dealerships from opening on Sundays.


Not so keen to show off your shiny new car? Think again, because in Russia it’s illegal to drive an unwashed car and you could be fined.

Also, if you feel sorry for the guy trying to hitchhike on the side of the road, don’t stop, as it’s also illegal to pick up hitchhikers!


Even if all you want is a sip of water, you could be fined in Cyprus, where it’s illegal to take either hand off the wheel at any point while driving. The fine can be up to €85 and 1-3 penalty points.

About Thailand

You must always wear a shirt while driving.


In an effort to reduce traffic congestion, the numbers on your licence plate determine which days you can drive your vehicle on the roads.

In Sweden

In Sweden, you must always have your lights on, regardless of how much daylight is left.

Most European countries have some general rules you should be aware of, such as having your driving licence with you at all times when you’re driving. You are also often required to change your summer tyres to winter tyres in the autumn, regardless of the weather.

To make sure you don’t get caught out before you actually leave the UK, make sure you organise your parking or transport to the airport in advance.

Booking an airport car park in advance has the added benefit of being closer to the airport itself, so you’ll have less trouble transporting your luggage.

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