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5 tips for student travel on a budget

by yang

Getting through college can be tough. You may dream of travelling, but your wallet may have other ideas. Still, travelling is important during college, and it’s your best time to explore new cultures and customs from different places. It just takes a little research and planning to figure out how to travel without breaking the bank. Check out these five suggestions to help you organise an enjoyable and affordable trip while you’re at university.

1. Get into the habit of saving

If you want to have enough money to travel the world on a budget, you need to start saving before you plan your next trip. Set up a special account just for your travel savings and put money into it every week or month. Set up an account where you can save your travel money and put money into it every week or month. Creating a solid savings account can help you save enough for your future trips. If you have any extra money before the scheduled deposit date, add it to your savings account.

2. Have a budget and stick to it

Having a budget for your holiday will give you an idea of how much you can afford to spend without wasting your hard-earned money. Your budget will keep you in check and help you avoid overspending. You can look for places that offer student discounts and vouchers to save even more money. Research different travel options and you could find cheap flights.

3. Hunt for deals

Spend enough time researching and you will come across some incredible deals to save money. There are many websites such as cheaphotels4uk.com that can help you find affordable accommodation without compromising on safety, comfort and other essentials. Check several sites before you book your flight as some may offer better prices than others.

4. Pack light

Bringing a checked bag on a flight will add significantly to your travel costs. Most airlines charge an extra fee for checked baggage or baggage that exceeds the weight limit. Packing light means you can get around easily at your destination instead of paying for taxis or other forms of transport. You may want to wear your bulky clothes instead of packing them to save space. Opt for travel-sized toiletries and leave out items you can find in your hotel room.

5. Travel with friends

Travelling with friends is a great way to make lasting memories and save money. You can split the cost and share accommodation and packing space. If you have friends living in your chosen destination, you can take advantage of visiting them and exploring the area. They can act as tour guides during your travels for an even better experience.


Your time at university is all about making great memories and gaining new perspectives on life, and travelling is a great way to do this. You don’t need an expensive holiday to have fun. You can find lots of deals and discounts for students to help you save money.

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